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The sleep of Reason breeds monsters: The Internet search fiasco

By Ion Saliu, Truth Researcher At-Large

The Internet searching is just another moneymaking business. Quality counts far less than advertising.

I wrote on Internet searching before. There are a few pages at this webs site that deal with searching the Internet and its paramount importance. Matter of fact, my writings were quoted and referred to by a number of Internet pundits. The Truth always comes up on top in the end. It's only a matter of time.

These are the most relevant writings on Internet searching I posted at this site:

The Super Search Engine: The Best Indexing and Searching;
Search Engines Directing Traffic to SALIU.COM.

Lately, a visitor to my message board started a thread regarding the mathematics of lotto wheeling. The Australian is also a very skilled programmer and has good knowledge of mathematics. I participated in the thread since the lotto wheels are one of my strongholds.

Speaking of wheels, I wanted to see how Google referred visitors to the most relevant resources on that topic. I was really disappointed with Big Brother Google! Speaking of lotto wheels. I just googled on the two keywords. My web site is not listed even in the top 100 results!!! Is it listed in the top 1000??? No false modesty — but I can't believe it! A while ago, a google on lotto wheels listed two pages at SALIU.COM as #1 and #2 in the search result list! What a helluva change in less than one year! And after significant improvements in theory and software that I made with regards to the subject of lotto wheels!

But just look at the top 100 list for lotto wheels. There is a whole lot of garbage from top to bottom! It's not only that my web site is missing. I remember other good websites that were listed high on lotto wheels searching. The same is valid regarding searches on 'lotto software' or 'lottery systems', 'gambling' stuff, theory, software… What the hell happened to the Google algorithms? Lately, they list very high the lowest kind of garbage! It is valid for many other fields. For example, I was unable to use Google for 'paid membership software'. I asked for help in some forums. I did a whole lot of searching and researching before I came across a really useful resource (aMember, in my case). That resource is of high value to many people, because the resource is worthy in itself and by itself. The search engines are totally ignorant of the intrinsic value, in this particular case (and probably most cases).

Going back to the lotto wheels concept. I am not biased in favor of But let's look honestly at just one piece of lotto wheeling software: LottoWheeler. I don't think one can find a bit of a counter-argument here: LottoWheeler is the best lotto wheeling software. What else handles with so much ease the action of wheeling lotto numbers, including for Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions? Add to that piece of software the entire theory of lottery wheeling presented at, plus the entire list of software.

So, I made significant improvements by adding LottoWheeler, plus another unique piece of wheeling software: LexicoWheels. The result of improving was a severe penalty by the search engine #1! What happened then? Google went from considering the best lotto wheels site to considering it as a totally irrelevant site! From number one to #No-Number is way too drastic to be considered acceptable. That must be the result of corrupt behavior!

Google had a few years back another such severe lapse. I think they called it the Florida Update. Google intentionally removed the best web sites from the top list of search results, especially in the case of popular keywords. Google's idea was simple greed: If a popular search is high, the high-ranked websites will be willing to pay for Google advertising. If I know that my website is not listed high on lotto wheels, which seems to be a popular search, then I must pay for Google advertising! We all know by now that people have the tendency to choose the ads (the so-called 'sponsored links') over the results of searching. I've done it many times! Especially now, when the natural results of the search represent pure junk. The ads seem to represent superior resources!

Looks like Google tells Internet searchers loud and clear: The search results are absolutely insignificant. What matters to you is the list of advertisements you see on the search results pages! You better click on the ads, not on the list of non-sponsored links!

It is now like free television in the United States — and more and more common all over the world. The best economic agents are those who advertise more intensely, especially money-wise. Who is the number one beer in the United States? The beer company that advertises most. No, that beer brand is never on my favorite list. I prefer other American beers. But a majority of Americans are TV watchers, therefore convinced fans of that particular beer brand. Same for fast food. I don't even name that fast food chain, 'cuz I feel severe disgust just by mentioning the name. The smell is terrible around that franchise. Worst, their bread is a lot more like clay than food. That “bread” should be outlawed by the government. It is also common fact now that the fast food chain causes child obesity. Still, that fast food chain is the number one in customer base (and revenue, of course) because they are the most intense advertisers!

The latest in Internet searching might be also the result of complaining. Google applied lately a campaign of complaining. Problem is, they don't realize that complaining is the result of hatred. How come Google didn't realize that the overwhelming majority of the complaints are by hateful guys complaining against their competitors??? I have never complained against anything or anybody — competitor or not. Meanwhile, google might listen to the complaints against my site filed by the likes of Kokostirk, Kulai, Kotkoduck, Karaklonchah, Kotskarr…

Whatever it is … it is bad news for Google in the first place. Honesty made them number one. Dishonesty will not keep anybody as number one, in any field. Microsoft knows it better than anybody else. They feel in serious danger because of their dishonesty dealing with the competition. They are aware that their search engine is totally irrelevant. Microsoft wants now badly to buy Yahoo. They offer over 40 billion US dollars to buy the Yahoo search engine. Yahoo resists — honestly, I think. Yahoo realizes how important the Internet search is. A good business step — and Yahoo might be in the position to buy Microsoft$ and even Google! By the way, the Microsoft search engine absolutely bans in their search any resource containing the text string saliu. Do a search on Ion Saliu at MSN Search. They list anything but the most relevant website on the search terms: China and Iran do the same thing: Saliu is taboo! Probably the Vatican, too! Probably Dubbyia's White Hou', too!

So many so-called giants have risen and fallen on the computing (beast) planet! I only mention here real pioneers: Word Star, Lotus, WordPerfect, Ashton-Tate (dBase III)… Dishonesty played the major role in the deadly falls. Their own greed ultimately killed them. Of course, the backstabbing tactics of Microsoft also made a huge contribution!

I read Internet-savvy people fearing Google retaliation. I remember one writing that he had to go ahead with the truth regarding the new Google policies determined by financial greed. “I'll say these things no matter what,” the guy went on. I am doing the same thing, even though I am a Google AdSense customer. Even if Google is the main referrer of visitors to my web site. We must always follow this rule: The Truth must be above anybody and anything.

I know I haven't said anything new. Most of you, the readers of this page, already know that the Internet searching is a fiasco now. The search results are largely irrelevant now. You gotta look at advertised links more closely than to the search results links. You search for zoon politikon? Well, is the number one on the list! No, should not be at that position! But I am not inclined to pay a penny in advertising for that concept. Instead, many universities are expected to pay for such search terms. There are universities specialized in Aristotle, you know… My home page mentions zoon politikon once only.

Look at this search keyphrase: “knight rider series start”. It did refer dozens of Net surfers to my site! Waddahell do I have to do with crappy TV programming?! Ain't nothing in my hou' to plug a connection to a TV show…

It appears that yields more relevant search results than Google does. Unfortunately, for now, at least, does not have the (hardware) resources to keep pace with google. does not have nearly the number of Goggle's computers in order to index quickly all the Internet.

To me, Yahoo shows the greatest progress in Internet searching. Of course, Yahoo themselves are guilty of distorted search relevance (because of their policy of paid-for link inclusion). Yahoo, however, shows the most relevant search results lately. Again, I am not biased here. You have the opportunity to verify yourself.

Let's take a search keyphrase with good potential financial results for an advertiser: calculate odds of winning the lottery. Google will yield a big bunch of baloney. Just look at the top link in the results list:

“ Calculate your chance of winning the lottery · Mathematics If you do, DON ' T PLAY THE LOTTERY. YOUR ODDS OF WINNING ARE AWFUL! This page will calculate your odds of winning. Here are some things to think about: ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this”.

No link at appears in, probably, a couple of hundred links! You, old timers, will have an impossible time believing that. No false modesty — I wrote the definitive book and software to calculate, most comprehensibly, on the subject matter of “calculate odds of winning the lottery”.

Yahoo has just picked up the important matter of searching the Internet and yielding the most relevant results. On the search string I mentioned, Yahoo places at position #5 (still not at #1, where it should be):

“Calculate Odds, Probability: Formulae, Software, Lottery, Lotto, Powerball The formula of hypergeometric probability distribution is the most comprehensive calculator of odds and probabilities in ... winning numbers, the program ... - 42k - Cached”.

Just compare the lottery odds page at my web site with any other material on the Internet. I know, the vast majority of those who read this article are honest and truthful...

To thine own self be true — Google used to rank my website very high on that search, too. Honestly, it should have not. I only wrote a few sentences on the Shakespearean concept inspired by Socrates (Know thyself). Appears that Google lost track of that important adagio: To thine own self be true. They probably believed that some universities should have not been ranked high on the Shakespearean adagio — thus force universities to pay for advertising! The individual Ion Saliu does not have a real interest (read: financial interest) on the Shakespeare-Socrates rule of truthfulness! So, place Ion Saliu high, while placing the potentially paying universities low! Show me the money, baby! BRRRRRRRRAHAHAHAHA……

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Always-Truthful At-Large: To thine own self be true, for it must follow as dost the night the day, that canst not then be false to any man.

"The sleep of Reason breeds monsters" is a famous and extraordinary etching by Goya, the famous painter.
"El sueńo de la razon produce monstruos."

The Internet searching engine fiasco, failure, conspiracy: Money comes first.

The Internet search engines, and especially Google, the number one search engine, put financial greed ahead of quality.

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