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Google Search, Google Shit – A New Anthem on the Internet

By Ion Saliu, Netizen At-Large

Google search after Panda, Penguin are a shameful fiasco – back to the future Alta Vista.

Published on March 25, 2013.

Google search has dropped now to the shit quality of the old Alta Vista search engine of the 1990's. In truth, Google came to life only because Alta Vista offered such terrible results (like repeating the same website ad nauseam). Google offered better and sane results by employing a superior search algorithm. There were no more than 2 Web pages from the same site on the search results page. Importantly, no website was punished by the whims of a cruel god, the status that Google self-installed in. The new cruel god punishes the deserving (e.g. originality) while rewarding the shit (e.g. piracy)!

Keep reading! You'll discover plenty of resources hailing Google as the king of shit. There are even YouTube videos and songs on Google Shit!!!

Look at these “search results” on online lottery random number generator. Alta Vista search engine did exactly the same thing before 2000, when the good Google took over…

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Google search highly ignores true, high quality content. Google search favors pages with NO content at all!

How about the so-called king of Internet searching – CONTENT? Content ain't king anymore! Emptiness or even Nothingness is now king in Goggle-Shit Empire! I do have a striking example from the Queen of sciences – Mathematics. I Googled on degree of certainty many times.

In 1997, there were NO results in any Internet search. The concept was introduced that year, 1997, with formulas and specialized software (free at that time!) Now, Google insanely claims that there are 18,300,000 resources on the Internet dealing with the concept of degree of certainty!!!

Google – degree of certainty
About 18,300,000 results (0.22 seconds)

Search Results

    1. Degrees of Certainty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    Shared on Google+. View the post. You +1'd this publicly. Undo Degrees of Certainty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Degrees of Certainty may refer to: Rudolf Carnap · Bayesian analysis ...

    2. with a high degree of certainty - Legal Dictionary - The Free Dictionary - Similar
    Shared on Google+. View the post. You +1'd this publicly. Undo Legal dictionary. Financial dictionary. Acronyms. Idioms. Encyclopedia. Wikipedia encyclopedia ? with a high degree of certainty. 0.01 sec. See: high probability ...

    Rhetorical Functions in Academic Writing: Degree of certainty - Similar
    Shared on Google+. View the post. You +1'd this publicly. Undo Back home. Rhetorical functions in academic writing: Expressing degrees of certainty. Introduction. It is important when you are writing critically to show how ...

    Degree of Certainty | Oregon Climate Change Research Institute › Climate Science › Climate ModelingCached
    Shared on Google+. View the post. You +1'd this publicly. Undo A major task of climate modelers is to estimate the degree of certainty within a model. This lets us know what the range of possible outcomes will be, if a model ...

Look now at the “content” of the page listed at the very top: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The page is empty of content, at best; in fact, it is offending bullshit! Google absolutely idolizes Wikipedia, the nest of piracy more often than not (much like Google's own YouTube)!

Empty content is top in Google searches, strong bias favors badly Wikipedia.

That all she wrote!

As I just said, the concept of degree of certainty was introduced in 1997. The concept started to appear in Internet searches in 1998–1999. There were many players that period, Google being just a little boy. There was one Web page listed prominently in any search. It was the only search result, more often than not. That's where the concept of degree of certainty was introduced (with mathematical formulas and unique software). That Web page is still there — and nothing comes even close regarding the quality of content —

The Fundamental Formula of Gambling: Theory of
Probability, Mathematics, Chance, Degree of Certainty ~
Quintessential Gambling Mathematics and Probability

Degree of Certainty, Probability Theory, Mathematics, Chance

Empty content is top in Google searches, strong bias favors badly Wikipedia.

Millions of examples regarding "the new DracGoogla policy to improve users' searching experience"... How about axiomaticism? It's all about TRUTH of the TRUTHS, right? Look what the greedy and misery-hungry Penguin puts on your search tables:

Miserable results returned by Google Shit Penguin because of greed and deception.

Honestly, it's a crime that a webpage like this one even appears in searches, even after position 1000000! It's an affront to intellect and reason just for being indexed! Yet, that "page" shows up on the first search-result page at "new, improved Google"...

Google is shit searching – All over the Internet now!

How about this search string – Google is shit? Oh, my! The Internet is already full of it! How long will the insanely bullish Google-The-Kid survive before completely drowning in that sea of shit? Just one page of Google search results tells the tale!

    1. why is google such a piece of shit? - Google Product Forums
    Jun 20, 2010 – Re: why is google such a piece of shit? alec2885, 6/20/10 12:47 PM, I don't think it's a shit. It has problems, but they have people working on ...

    2. Urban Dictionary: Google that shit
    If any information is needed to be found or is being disputed amongst peers all one has to say is simply google that shit. Once the simple phrase ...

    3. "Google That Shit" | Facebook
    "Google That Shit". 37072 likes · 3 talking about this.

    4. F*ck You, Google
    Feb 12, 2010 – A few days is how long I expect it will take before you either knock this shit off, or I delete every Google account I have ever had and use Bing ...

    5. Google That Shit - (by Taryn Southern) - YouTube
    Dec 7, 2012 - Uploaded by universeexistence She makes videos every Tuesday! Subscribe here: Download the song: ...

    6. Google Shit - YouTube
    A new Google app goes to the bathroom for you so you can be more productive.

    7. Google Shit from Low Hanging Fruit, Daniel Silk, Amy Vorpahl ...
    Dec 15, 2010 A new Google app goes to the bathroom for you so you can be more productive.

    8. More videos for Google is shit »
    Lottery random number generator for Quinto (5 x 0-9) - Pennsylvania Lottery. ... Other. Play Online - Results · LotteryQuick Pick · Lottery Online · SuperEnalotto ...

    9. Shit We Google.
    Y'know when you google something in your search bar and forget about it? And then five hours later you(or your boss) sees "chipmunk, taxidermy, football" ...

    10. Print Version - The internet is shit
    Now, for many questions in the world, you ask Google, and increasingly, you can ... admit that the internet itself, in almost all of what's been done with it, is shit.

    11. Taryn Southern Performs "Just Google That Shit" LIVE on What's .
    Oct 22, 2012 – The hilarious Taryn Southern performs her song "Just Google That Shit," from her brand new comedy album, "On My Face."

The updates badly hurt business sites, quality websites who do not advertise on Google search AdWords.

US Government and EU look very unfavorably at a monopoly Google company that abuses its pre-eminent position.

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