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You may not want to take any of the following actions before reading the writings of the author of this web site. His name is Ion Saliu, but you might as well call him JAQK Fowuru or Parpaluck. For every human must be in possession of two sets of names, as the coin possess one up side and one down side, one east side and one west side, one face to north, one side facing south.
~ Believe in any ideas before doubting and dissecting the whole critically, therefore rationally.
~ Believe in any formula invalidated by data and concrete/logical facts.
~ Believe in superstitions or even gods.
~ Look at yourself in the mirror and believe you are the alpha and omega of the human race.
~ Look at yourself in the mirror and believe you are nothing—in truth, you are an extraordinary result of Probability, the favorite game of Almighty Number, Randomness, Universe, God, Order, History, Repetition Almighty Number.
~ Create another piece without knowing what Divine Proportion is all about.
~ Complete that huge puzzle of life without knowledge of permutations, combinations, and everything combinatorics.
~ Enter a casino and gamble in a casino.
~ Enter a horse racing track and gamble at horseracing.
~ Gamble in general: roulette, black jack, sports betting, dice, craps, baccarat, chamchuga, parpaluck, etc.
~ Play the lottery, lotto, loto, loteria, Powerball, keno, pick games, or any random numbers games.
~ Buy software, before you put to good use the excellent software offered right here.

First of all, decency please!
NO to: hate, spam, advertising, advocacy of violence!
I reserve the right to delete any offending messages and bar any abusive visitor from posting. I post sometimes in newsgroups. Unfortunately, sometimes I responded low to those who posted lowly against me. I no longer use that tactic, not that frequently and intensely!
Our ideas should speak for themselves, not our language!
I started this message board with the main goal of offering additional help to the users of my LotWon software. I was aware I would perform the main job in that field. I still hope, however, those other knowledgeable users will make valuable contributions as well.

A small percentage of the LotWon software users encounter difficulties in the basic areas:
1) downloading;
2) installing;
3) creating the data files.
The solutions are really simple, if a minimum of computer knowledge is involved. The user needs to read more thoroughly the “Help” page, the “What's New” page and the comprehensive info on “FTP Downloads”.
If the problems persist, may I recommend the user read primer books on computers and DOS? If the problems still persist, please do not torture yourself. LotWon is simply not for you. Simply forget about LotWon! Delete it and my name from your system! Please do not post on this BBS asking for help in the basic areas! I delete such messages frequently. I want to keep this message board easy to navigate and find useful info. Please do not spam, either – it's illegal!

It is recommended that you also visit the “Help” and “What's New” pages. The “Search” page of this website can direct you to plenty of information. The message board is a gold mine of gambling and lottery information. Just click the “Search” button, then the “Native Search” link. Type in your query, such as “lottery data files”, or “lotto filters”, or “gambling systems”, etc. The search engine will return plenty of results. Here is a tip. Use “MDIEditor and Lotto” or any other text editor/word processor to create an info file named “SaliuCom Info”. When you find on this site text of help to you, copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C). Then open “SaliuCom Info” and paste (Ctrl+V). Soon you'll get a file with a load of information. Read that file first, when you think you need to post a question on this message board.
For advanced tips on creating the LotWon strategy files (i.e. setting the filters), read this message:
"My kingdom for a good tutorial!"

I delete many messages, including mine, in accordance with the main goal of this message board. I want to keep it useful and easy to navigate. Only info with high relevancy is preserved. Please do not take it personally, if your message was deleted. I leave it on the board for a while, maybe somebody will reply to you via email. It is very important to post your real email address. Your message may be also deleted because you do not show an email, or you post under a fake email.
All messages that I consider ill intentioned will be deleted immediately, without remorse!
There are messages with questions already answered elsewhere on the message board or my web site. (Click on the “Search” button first.) Such messages also will be deleted after a while.

I added the super message board, so that visitors can post more extensively on gambling and lottery topics. I will not delete messages for space considerations. The only reason for deletion will be gross misconduct, spam, or irrelevant ramblings. Posts of special interest will be reposted to this forum, the main address of the World Message Board.
The current address of the Super Forums: Gambling, Lotto, Lottery, Software, Mathematics.

Visitors can send emails, of course. We are talking freedom of speech. Chances are that messages will get no response, however. It's nearly impossible for one person to respond personally to everybody. Not even responding to a small percentage is feasible. Besides, simply responding to one, just one sender turns sometimes into a time-consuming activity. Sometimes, one correspondent would not realise what limits are, time limits especially! Beginning 2003 (3 WE), receives over 20,000 visitors a week. Over 150,000 hits a week are registered. Dealing with this activity on a personal basis has clearly become a nearly impossible proposition.

Be mindful that some resources at this website require paid membership (a reasonable fee valid for the lifetime of this site). It is the case of downloading software, some software source code, and result pages (for Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, NFL football scores). Please read first the terms of service: Download Great Free Software: Paid Membership Required.

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