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Hello, Doc! What's the price of your Roulette System?

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Posted by Marc THIBAUD on June 30, 2000.

Hi, Ion

Sorry for my less than average (bad, you think bad ?) English... It's better than nothing.

YES, I'm only interested by ROULETTE...You understand
why, sure.

Easy to play at home, easy to get paid, near 800 casinos to play at...and a few money multiplied by
many casinos = MUCH MONEY...yes,yes, i know i am very idealist !

I was thinking, some years ago, of a method to analyse
roulette sessions, and maybe find something interesting, with the help of Neuronal Software...Do you think it could be a way to go ? I can use NEUNET and QNET. Do you know these programs?

Back to your roulette system. If you are not wrong ( sorry, but you know there are thousands of systems, and none is really working good on short AND long time ), i understand you don't want to sell it easily...The problem is : the speed of informations on Internet is quite phenomenal, and one can't be sure of humans...( it's what i think now ). If you have found THE ANSWER to roulette challenge, you must SELL it for MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MONEY ( and the customer ready to paid a BIG SUM for it, would be stupid to spread the system after having paid SO MUCH for it ), or you KEEP IT FOR YOU ( and you don't speak nor write about it anymore ! ), but it's very hard for us ( poor and unknown gamblers )because we KNOW this system EXISTS !If this system were to be diffused, one can suppose ( and YOU think so ) casinos owners and others gambling sites managers would seek and find solutions ( eventually based on legal or juridic actions ).
Well, I have had a good moment writing this message.

Thanks for all, Ion, you're a great Human. See you later, all of you, gambling friends, and good luck.


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Can neural software be applied to roulette play or systems?

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Can neural software be applied to roulette gambling play or casino systems?.