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Eliminate or Allow Lotto Numbers from Past Lottery Drawings

The powerful lottery software and lotto wheel software both allows and eliminates any amount of lotto numbers from any range of past lottery drawings. That's the power of filtering in LotWon lotto software!

The lottery strategy can also eliminate lotto numbers from ranges of drawings, draws.

Posted by Ion Saliu on July 16, 2000.

• Copy of my post in rec.gambling.lottery, July 16, 2000. I am extremely busy right now to post more. New lottery software, casino gambling software, jobs to save for a better bankroll...

Wheely wrote:
“Ah good, you make my point even better. Ion thought any
wheeled combination containing a set of three numbers from
any of the last ten prior draws should be filtered out. I
think they should be allowed to pass being a 20% chance of
occurrence, never even thought what a bonus number brings
this up to, 37% is too much to throw away for such little
gain when the choice proves correct. Thanks RP”

Wheely & Pertinent Others:
I know why you don't get my point on lottery filtering: You look at the phenomenon only from a STATIC perspective.
As in those percentages provide by “Rolls” Royce Penny, all the drawings are absolutely equal. You divide that amount by total possible combinations and you get a percentage point. But look at real-life lottery drawings: Every drawing is very different from the rest. You put it this way:

"Ion thought any wheeled combination containing a set of three numbers from any of the last ten prior draws should be filtered out. I think they should be allowed to pass being a 20% chance of occurrence"...

Look next at the report I attached to my post. I used the drawings for Canada 49 lotto collected from
“Rolls” Royce Penny's website. The last drawing (line #1) was towards the end of June. It is the drawing I “trumpeted” about: My wheel49.36 had 5 winners (it occurred after my wheel was posted!). I did a filter report using my LotWon software (don't U ever confuse it with any copycat, such as LotWin, damn!). I only show here three of the filters again: groups of 2 numbers from previous drawings, groups of 3 lotto numbers, and groups of 4 numbers.

Going back to your statement, if we kept groups of 3 numbers from the previous 10 drawings, we would have been successful only 17 times out of 100 drawings. Why should we do that for every drawing? Isn't it better to treat every drawing individually and select different filter values based on some rules? Of course, my software allows the user to force all groups of 3 numbers from previous drawings to show up in the combinations for the next drawing. You can do that using the MAXIMUM limit of a filter. In Canada lotto 6/49 case, I would use such a feature when Three1 = 0. It happened 3 times in 100 drawings (lines 15, 33, 54). You can set MAX-Three1 = 1 in my LotWon.

Should I explain what that means? Should I give others inspiration for new LotWon lottery software copycats? The nice part in me says, “Yeah, what the heck! But be short…” Setting MAX-Three1 = 1 for cases when Three1 shows 0 in the report forces that all the combinations generated must contain one group of 3 numbers from the last drawing. The 6 numbers in the last drawing expand to C(6,3) = 20 groups of 3 numbers. They must be combined with groups of 3 numbers from the remaining 49-6=43 numbers. One group of 3 + one group of 3 = one combination of 6. C(43,3)=12,341. This number 12,341 multiplied by 20 = 246,820. This represents 1.76% of the total 13,983,816 combinations for the 6/49 lotto game. The filter MAX-Three1 = 1 has a reduction power of over 98%!

You can see also that sometimes Three1 is over 100, even over 200!It means that NO groups of 3 lotto numbers from ANY of the last 100 (or 200) drawings repeated! Setting the minimum level of Three1=100 (or 200) has a tremendous eliminating power! And, remember, my software uses many more filters! The temptation is to set the filters very tight in order to eliminate a huge number of combinations. Sometimes the filters are so tight that my software cannot find any combination to play! In such a case, the user should go back to the report and loosen a bit one or more filters. And we get to this point: How do I select the filters? First of all, it is not rocket science. Second, it is not piece of cake selecting the filter values. Practice, however, helps a lot. Those with knowledge of statistics have a great advantage in selecting the filters. It is worth the effort, nevertheless.

I'm serious, a storm is coming in my area (South-central PA, around 4:30 PM). Quickly now, you'd better look at the lottery DYNAMICALLY. Static kills knowledge…

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