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Player in Georgia Lottery wants optimized lotto filters to reduce combinations

Lottery software filters eliminate many lotto combinations in Fantasy 5 games.

Posted by Don on April 25, 2000.

Downloaded the big lottery program and played with it over the weekend.

Have read and reread the tutorials for software Lotto v8.0 and cannot understand the use of the Any and Ver filters. A more in depth explanation may get it into my pea brain!

For last nights Fantasy 5 (GA Lottery) I ran 3 optimized lotto 5 files. One for 10 min, 0 kills for 3/4/5/, no additional filters, and it did not find the winner. One for 2 hours (same specs on all 3 runs) and it DID PICK THE WINNER, but it was near the middle of the run of about 9,000 lotto combinations! Curious, I ran a 12 hour file to see if it would have a fixed end (it didn't), and stopped it at 45,750 picks, and it did NOT pick the winning lotto number! 1400+ no.'s in data file, all that have run I think.

Am I in over my head or what?

Thanks for any help,


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The best lottery software must use dynamic filters to reduce tickets to play.


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