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Aiming at lower lottery and lotto prizes

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

Using filters in lottery software, filtering, reduction in lotto software.

Posted by Ion Saliu on April 26, 2000.

In Reply to: Can anyone point me to more details on the filters? posted by Don on April 25, 2000.

I can’t afford to say too much on the support topic. It overwhelms me. The lottery is at least as complex as stock/bond trading. Only large, well-paid teams can deal successfully in the business. I have never worked in a team. I have done all the designing and programming on my own, and with no financial payoff.

I made clear, however, that my lottery freeware is aimed at winning lower prizes (third prizes) sometimes. I also made clear that it is impossible for me to offer technical support for my freeware. I would get big headaches and starve in a few months. At this time, my only advice is to apply my software to winning those lower prizes. Use the frequency and skip charts to select a group of numbers and wheel them.

The wheels are ‘4 if 6’ but sometimes they yield higher prizes. In some instances, some users will get sooner even ‘6 if 6’ (rarely, but it happens). If you want to use my lottery software with filters, the things are a lot more difficult. First, the filters are partially implemented (i.e. most filters are not enabled; filters don’t have ‘minimum’ and ‘maximum’ levels enabled; the statistical filters of ‘median’ and ‘standard deviation’ are not implemented in the freeware). Second, setting the filters requires some statistical training. More importantly, it requires some training in applying the fundamental formula of gambling. Writing the documentation is out of my reach. Packaging and distributing such complex software are also out of my reach. Under no circumstances can full-blown LotWon be offered as freeware.

The pick-3 freeware included in LOTWON99 v10.99.02 offers far better chances at winning more frequently. Again, the documentation is not at its best. My pick-3 freeware, however, has offered to some users the best way to figure out what LotWon software is about. I am not sure that anybody would be willing to share his or her strategies with others. And, honestly, I don’t believe they figured out a whole lot. Without thorough documentation it’s impossible to figure out how to fully apply LotWon. I forget sometimes myself all the features that apply.

I can tell you that stock-trading software is much, much more complex, it requires a very steep learning curve, and I don’t believe it offers better results than LotWon. On the contrary, LotWon has a more solid, scientific foundation. From what I’ve seen, stock-trading software resembles the other lottery software programs: basically they deal with ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers.
This is the reality regarding LotWon. Right now, I am not in the position to improve it.

Best of luck (I always mean it)!

Ion Saliu
By the way, many of the combinations generated by a long run of “MDIEditor and Lotto” are repeats.

: Downloaded the progran and played with it over the weekend.

: Have read and reread the tutorials for Freeware Lotto v8.0 and cannot understand the use of the Any and Ver filters. A more in depth explanation may get it into my pea brain!

: For last nights Fantasy 5 (GA) I ran 3 optimized lotto 5 files. One for 10 min, 0 kills for 3/4/5/, no additional filters, and it did not find the winner. One for 2 hours (same specs on all 3 runs) and it DID PICK THE WINNER, but it was near the middle of the run of about 9,000 numbers! Curious, I ran a 12 hour file to see if it would have a fixed end (it didn't), and stopped it at 45,750 picks, and it did NOT pick the winning number! 1400+ no.'s in data file, all that have run I think.

: Am I in over my head or what?

: Thanks for any help,

: -Don

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The recommendation for the old lotto and lottery software was to aim at lower lottery prizes.

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