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        Category 5.1: The lottery software at this website requires a one-time payment to download ALL programs. The fee is negligible when compared to similar lotto software packages. Without a doubt, the software you download here is far superior to any similar products.
        Moreover, most software titles at this Web site, founded on mathematics, are absolutely unique. You will not find similar lotto applications regardless of prices. Mind you, "lottery software" from others will cost you even $200... Just for collections of lottery drawings (that are otherwise free to copy-and-paste over the Internet!)
        Meanwhile, Ion Saliu's lottery software is guaranteed to win as proven in the past, including recently. Procrastination is the main obstacle in the way of winning. Read this real-life experience of the author, showing a real-life lottery strategy, combinations to play reduced to very manageable amounts, and winning in a manageably short number of lottery drawings (days): "The Start Is the Hardest Part" in Lottery Strategies.
        Your permanent membership (currently $29.99) entitles to downloading all software titles, in all 7 categories, including upgrades and updates without further payments.
        The lottery software you download is free to run for an unlimited period of time. It has no crippled features, no advertising, and no strings attached.
        Unless otherwise indicated, the applications available for downloading here are compiled as 32-bit software. The software runs under all 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. Highly recommended to read the fundamentals:
        Software for Lottery, Lotto, Casino Gambling, Probability, Statistics (page also listing the 7 software categories available to download).

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