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Wizard of Odds: Gambling Challenge in Casinos and Expensive Testing (to Pirate Other Authors' Systems… Probably!)

Wizard of Odds is a scheming casino employee who wants big money for other authors systems.

Posted by Chip ( on July 21, 2000.

Here is a challenge for you sir! Let's see if you can put your money where your mouth is and keep your followers, who may think you know what you are talking about, informed. Mike Shakelford is one of the foremost experts in system study and evaluation. He is hired by THE CASINOS to research and verify the statistical probabilities of games of chance. Below is his website. Anyone interested in the spouting of Mr. ION please go to it and inspect it. I have also posted Mike's gambling challenge.

What do you say ION? Get your backers to pitch in the $1,000 like you wanted to play against me. Defeat the Wizard, get your money back, and get world wide acclaim. In 2 posts I have given you the road to 1) put the casinos out of business and 2) make you the superstar of mathematical certainty. And imagine the adulation you will receive for offering "dozens" of systems for $50. You are certain to be a candidate for sainthood. All you need do is have the wizard of odds say you are the man. Stay tuned folks. Lets watch an ION wiggle out. You bit off more than you can chew with your challenge son. That's what amatuers do. Enjoy the info. below.

Chip - The Wizard of Odds Gambling Challenge.

Despite all the evidence I have supplied I continue to get challenges via e-mail from people who believe their system is the exception to the rule and really does work. In mathematics rules do not have exceptions, if they did they wouldn't be a rule in the first place. Those with these claims always ask that I write a simulation program to prove their claim. I am not about to write free programs to every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a betting system. If you still are a true believer then pay me $1000 and I will write an honest program to test any reasonable betting system. In the event that your system does show a profit over millions of bets not only will I refund your money but I will publicly proclaim on my main page I was wrong and give you full credit for disproving every respectable book on probability ever written.

The self-proclaimed gambling guru, oddly named Wizard of Odds begs for donations.

Ion Saliu's note 2008
The self-proclaimed gambling guru, oddly named Wizard of Odds, is a casino consultant, on the payroll of the casinos! At one point, his website declared all gambling systems as examples of the gambler's fallacy: NO gambling system can win! At the same time, the Wizard of Odds had a special section at his site dedicated to his own…winning gambling systems! Is that a huge contradiction in terms, or what? Moreover, the wizard begs his visitors for…donations!

The Lizard of Odds is in a dangerous category for gamblers: casino moles. The same category as The Old Jackal. He is none other than a noted gambling system developer and gambling book writer: John Patrick. The ultimate casino mole himself! When I warned would-be gamblers interested in buying casino systems, I was referring chiefly to the John Patrick "casino gambling systems". I had a casino gambling CD of his. It was shot inside a casino, with real TV cameras!!! Meanwhile, gamblers using gambling systems in Las Vegas risk being thrown out the casinos, even arrested! The two casino moles (undercover agents with despicable missions) attacked me early in the game: Anti-gambler Advice: John Patrick, Casino Mole, Conspirator.

The two moles also advertise wholeheartedly for online casinos, one of the most fraudulent businesses on the Internet. Not to mention that online gambling is banned in the United States!

Wizard of Odds demolishes all gambling systems except for his own winning gambling systems!

Set the record straight on Chip, his real name, criminal behavior, Powerplay roulette, baccarat - June 2004.

Chip and Power play roulette, baccarat, casino gambling strategy.

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    Wizard of Odds is afraid of gambling challenge in casinos, including roulette.

    Follow Up:

    Wizard of Odds pirates... you bet! Even his nickname was stolen, pirated from a TV show of 1970s.


    The Wizard of Odds is a gambling phony, a casino servant.

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    Wizard of Odds is a pathetic casino mole and beggar asking for donations for his gambling systems.