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Wizard of Odds: Phony Gambling Author Paid by Casinos

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics

Wizard of Odds' schizophrenia: Gambling systems are BAD, but his gambling systems are winners!

Posted first on July 22, 2000.

In Reply to: Wizard of Odds: Gambling Challenge in Casinos and Expensive Testing posted by Chip on July 21, 2000.


• You are behind again! Like your roulette gambling system in a race against mine!

I already know a guy nick-named “Wizard of Odds”. His nickname (actually stolen from a TV program of 1970s) is valid only insofar as related to mysticism. I think his correct nickname should be Lizard of Odds: His odds-related knowledge belongs to the dinosaurs' era! He visited my website in 1998 WEB. He was so impressed that he included my site in his Hot Links, or something like that. There were a number of referrers coming from his Hot List.

Nice guy that I am, I wanted to show my gratitude. I sent Mike Shakelford (your spelling!) as a gift some of my lottery software not released to the public. As an immediate consequence, “Lizard of Odds” removed my website listing from his Recommended Sites. He claimed he so decided because he didn't agree with my Fundamental Formula of Gambling! (He had seen it before he recommended my site; actually, he had recommended my site because of FFG!)

I believe my lottery software caused his decision. First, it was strong proof against his theory that you can never win at gambling, lottery most notably. Second, he probably didn't want more other people get their hands on my software.

As of "Wizard of Odds" gambling “mathematics”, just one fact will be more than relevant. The Wizard of Odds adamantly sustains that “getting 200 heads in a row is equal to getting one (1) head in a row” ! That's it and that's that! I asked him to provide me with a real-life sample of 200 heads in a row. Embarrassed and angry, he replied with something like "maybe 20 heads in a row is MORE EQUAL to 1 head in a row"...

Speaking of amateurs. Let me come back to the race between my roulette system and yours, a race you are so afraid of. Suppose your $5,000 system represents a Ferrari car. My gambling system would represent an ordinary car 100 times cheaper. You know, I, the amateur, would not hesitate to drive a Ferrari in a race against a 100-times-cheaper car driven by the Formula-1 champion!

Best of luck, kokodrilo (i.e. big-time gambler)!

Ion Saliu

Schizophrenic Chip said:

“Here is a challenge for you sir! Let's see if you can put your money where your mouth is and keep your followers, who may think you know what you are talking about, informed. Mike Shakelford is one of the foremost experts in system study and evaluation. He is hired by THE CASINOS to research and verify the statistical probabilities of games of chance. Below is his website. Anyone interested in the spouting of Mr. ION please go to it and inspect it. I have also posted Mike's challenge. What do you say ION? Get your backers to pitch in the $1,000 like you wanted to play against me. Defeat the Wizard, get your money back, and get worldwide acclaim. In 2 posts I have given you the road to 1) put the casinos out of business and 2) make you the superstar of mathematical certainty. And imagine the adulation you will receive for offering "dozens" of systems for $50. You are certain to be a candidate for sainthood. All you need do is have the wizard of odds say you are the man. Stay tuned folks. Let's watch an ION wiggle out. You bit off more than you can chew with your challenge son. Chip” (2003: ) He changed his address out of shame, after I exposed him here! BRRRRRRRRAHAHAHAHA!!!! - I.S.

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Self-proclaimed gambling guru, Michael Shackleford, oddly named Wizard of Odds begs for donations.

Ion Saliu's note
The self-proclaimed gambling guru, oddly named Wizard of Odds, is a casino consultant, on the payroll of the casinos! At one point, his Web site declared all gambling systems as flagrant cases of the gambler's fallacy: NO gambling system can win! At the same time, the Lizard of Odds had a special section at his site dedicated to his own… winning gambling systems! Is that a huge contradiction in terms, or what? If that's not schizophrenia, I don't know what is! Moreover, the wizard begs his visitors for… donations!

Wizard of Odds demolishes all gambling systems… except for his own mathematical gambling systems!

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Follow Up:

Wizard of Odds Mike Shackleford hypocrisy goes against all gambling systems, but his own.

Casinos pay all them Wizards of Odds to discredit gambling systems founded on mathematics.

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Now you know truthfully who and what the Wizard of Odds is – and is not.