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Anti-Gambler Advice from John Patrick, Gambling Author, Casino Mole Extraordinaire and Conspirator

By Jackal, Jackass At Large

John Patrick, casino mole, gambling author, considered with casino chairman John Schroder of MGM.

Posted by Jackal on March 07, 2001.

In Reply to: Casino Chairman Strengthens Threats against Saliu Gambling System Players posted by John Schroder on March 06, 2001.

Do you guys have "system people" to check out the casino tables and see who is using a gambling system so you know how to "prevent" that person from winning?

If you did have a system bettor that needed to wait roulette spins before play and flat betted, you could easily say: "Mr./Mrs. to play here you need to bet every roulette spin..."

But what if you had a person who was flat betting every roulette spin, how would you make him stop playing? Would you just say "please stop playing here, you are not welcome?"

What if that person is an average joe that is just in Vegas to have fun and is just betting for the fun of it, would you ban him if you thought he knew anything about the casino game?

My thoughts on casinos and banning successful gamblers in general... I have been in a casino many times in Las Vegas, the Lions in the MGM are pretty neat... the shows are great (if you get good seats at all), and the rooms are better than average (considering how much you pay at times)... if a person is playing a gambling system, the house does know that in the long run sure, a player will lose money but the thing is no player is ever going to just sit there and play because that puts odds against them... The best thing to do is "hit and run"... so if there is a player playing every spin of the roulette wheel and having a good time, why would you bother banning him? you do realize that over the long run he will hit a loss he can't afford to lose and will lose it in turn will make all his winnings plus more (sometimes) go back to the house, right?

I would just think of gambling as this, once a person finds a way to beat the casino, the casino is going to "alter" gaming rules etc so that that person doesn't win anymore or anyone else using his method...

If you DO NOT WANT GAMBLING SYSTEM PLAYERS, just make rules such as the following:

1) you must play every roulette spin;
2) you must always flat bet;
3) you can not keep records besides what is provided on the roulette marquee;
4) you can not change your betting style once you sit down and place your first bet.

I guarentee you that no one will play the game ever again, so why dont you just start doing that now and make every one just give up on system making?

Reason: YOU WILL LOSE BUSINESS... LOSE BUSINESS = cut backs and many other things that hurt the casino(s)...

So your response to people who do such things such as play systems... BAN THEM LOSE THEIR BUSINESS AND THEN YOU CAN STAY WEALTHY...

If you look around the Internet there are many people doing tests on systems, and if you look closely which you probably have, you will see... ALL SYSTEMS TESTED THUS FAR FOR LONG TERM RESULTS HAVE FAILED!

So when a person sits down and plays a system at your tables at the MGM GRAND CASINO, welcome them and let them play why? you will gain their business and probably future business...

My recommendation though:
When you are playing with "high rollers" do not let them lower the minimum bet or higher the minimum bet that way they will have to "conform" to the rules of the casino table... If you wanted, you could actually just open up a new table with their play style if you really wanted and let them play there with anyone else who wanted to...

I myself create gambling systems, have any succeeded, you can only guess, have any failed, you could probably take a better guess at this answer...

John Patrick, a casino mole poses as a teenager and underage drunkard, gambler.

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Note by Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics

I didn't pay much attention to that mole who posed as a teenager with gambling interests and who was also a drunkard. I thought first it was a conspiracy committed with the chairman of MGM-Grand Casino, John Schroder, to throw me in a dangerous legal situation of condoning underage gambling and alcohol drinking. Only law enforcement may use entrapment or sting operations; for anyone else, entrapment is illegal. In the state where I live, Pennsylvania, it is illegal for a regular citizen to tape his/her phone conversations. Only law enforcement is allowed the act of wiretapping, if approved by a court of law. It looked pathetic on the part of Jackal and The Chairman, so I didn't care much about it. I was also very busy with my theories and software developing...

Several years thereafter, I realized who the Jackal was. None other than a noted gambling system developer and gambling book author: John Patrick. The ultimate casino mole himself! When I warned would-be gamblers interested in buying casino gambling systems, I was referring chiefly to John Patrick's "systems". I had a casino gambling CD of his. It was shot inside a casino, with real TV cameras. You, an innocent, small-time casino player, try to enter the casino with a small camera and take a shot or two. They might as well arrest you, pal! Yet, John Patrick filmed a big-time TV production in the casino! He even used empty casino tables and female casino dealers! How's that for an unbiased gambling system author and promoter? BRRRRRRRRAHAHAHAHA!!!...

Something looked curious in Jackal's posting. He was drunk alright, I thought. By the way, I modified his rotten-minded formatting to look less intellectually venomous. I preserved, however, the decrepit John Patrick's signature characters: .... Go to his message board and you find plenty of that crap. The style and substance are the same. Most importantly, the message is the same: Beat up on successful gamblers. It was John Patrick's modus operandi and also modus vivendi. He was on the payroll of several casinos. His so-called winning gambling systems were meant to be winners for the casinos, while making the gamblers serious losers.

I am glad I never succumbed to that mocking reaction towards myself: "You are paranoid!" Nobody should shy away from paranoia: "When it looks like a duck, quakes like a duck… it must be a duck!" The truth is what matters. As of paranoia, I enjoy listening to that Black Sabbath song: Paranoid. Pam-pa-ram... pampa-pampa-pampa-pampa... pam-pa-ram...

Ultimately, more often than not, individuals of this type have their own gambling or lottery systems — albeit they publicly fight the validity of such systems! Their main concern is to keep the attention away from Ion Saliu's creations.

What a curious disease jealousy is when etched on a bloated ego and seeded in a deep complex of inferiority! It is a pathetic mixture of hypocrisy and schizophrenia!

"I received a phone call
From one who claimed was tall.
Then, he cursed me even worse
For my gambling on the horse."

Ion Saliu,
Detective At-Large

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John Patrick, a noted author of gambling books, systems, serves the interests of casinos.

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There was a time when the casinos allowed only John Patrick's gambling books be sold in the casino.

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Anti-gambling advice from John Patrick, casino mole, conspirator, serves casinos' interests.

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John Patrick and John Schroder wanted to cause real legal trouble to Ion saliu and intimidate him.