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Lottery Post on Martingale Pick-3 Lotto System

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Posted by Daniel on August 04, 2000.

You removed my messages with comments on my martingale (and with tests of my successes) but you admit messages of impertinents to who they don't care the statistics and martingales anything and they only come here to make publicity.

You have really disappointed me because in the same way that I considered you a specialist in statistics of games of chance, I also considered you a tolerant of the other people's ideas.

Well, because you are here the boss you can reserve yourself the admission right, the same admission right that you don't like that it is applied in the casinos.

I only came to say that today Friday the lottery number favored in the quiniela of Montevideo was the 129, with that which my prediction made here on Sunday was completely successful (3 days in 5).

I had written here, last Sunday, that according to my lottery martingale for this week I hoped the figures 2 and 9 came (quiniela is a Daily-3 Pick game).

Because well, on Monday the figure came 9 (519), on Wednesday was the figure 2 (672) and today, Friday, was again the figure 9 (129).

I don't win a cent writing this here, my friend Ion, in any event I'm removing time to my rest when I'm arriving home from my work.

I only wanted to share my experience in comely and to demonstrate in the facts my words.

But I already see that you didn't understand me.

Also, I was accused of making publicity to the page that publishes the results!!

I have all your lottery programs and waited that some day I had the enough time to translate the instructions to spanish and to begin to use it.

Me alone I am a soldier of the truth and the truth is the only thing that it guides my steps for this
crazy world.

But, ok Ion, if my martingale interferes with your business, I won't return here.

Bye Ion.


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