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Expert tips to run the best lottery software, LotWon

Expert tips to run the best lottery software.

Posted by Ion Saliu on May 14, 2000.

• Apparently, some visitors come to the message board directly. I assumed they would visit first the home page, then “What’s New” and “Help”. I assumed also that everybody who downloaded the software presented on this BBS were already users of “SuperPower$” and “MDIEditor and Lotto”. But I received messages to the contrary. So, if you don’t know what to do with the software I offered for free on this message board, you need go to the “Help” page, read the info, then download “SuperPower$” and “MDIEditor and Lotto”. Read thoroughly the tutorials that come with the two software packages. I can’t afford to write the same thing again and again. Also, some 99 in 100 users will get irritated if I write a single line on the trivial task of creating the data files for my lottery software! Nobody should spend more than five minutes on learning how to create and maintain the lottery data files.

I present now some tips on working with my new lotto software. I will put the accent on the 32-bit DOS program WHEEL-6. As it name implies, it generates wheeled combinations for any lotto-6 game. The program lets you wheel from 10 to all the numbers in a lotto game. The wheels offer the following minimum guarantees: ‘3 of 6’, ‘4 of 6’ and ‘5 of 6’. The wheels generate more combinations than what you will find in more traditional wheels. The wheels of my software aim at higher prizes rather than lower costs.

1) Create a large SIM-6 file (simulated drawings) : 4100. Let’s say you have a real-drawings file named DATA6 with 100 drawings. Run WHEEL-6 and use DATA6; type 100 for “How many drawings to use”. Select the option ‘5 out of 6’ and 49 for ‘How many numbers to wheel”. This is for a 49 number lotto game. If your lotto-6 game has a different format, use the biggest number in that game, for example 42, or 45, or 48, or 51 etc. Use only the filter “Four” = 100. Select D as the “Output device” and name the file SIM-6. The program will generate ‘5 of 6’ combinations. This also means that no combination will have more than 4 (four) numbers in common with other combinations. Let the program generate at least 4100 combinations and stop it (press the function key F10).

You will use “MDIEditor” to maintain the data files. You are at the DOS prompt, aren’t you now? Press Alt+Tab to go to the task manager. Start “MDIEditor and Lotto”. Open the file SIM-6 you just created. You are at the top of the document. Press {Enter} to crate an empty line. Open the “File” menu and select “Insert Text”. Select the DATA6 file (the file of the real drawings in your lotto game). Make sure you delete the empty line between the DATA6 and the beginning of SIM-6. This is the rule of my lottery software: the data files must not have a single empty line! Save the new file as D6. You will always work with this file when running WHEEL-6, SUPER-6, UTIL-6. When you add new drawings, start “MDIEditor and Lotto” and open D6. Always add the new drawings to the top of the file. The most recent drawing is always the line #1 in the file.

2) Run UTIL-6. The program not only generates a meaningful statistical report, it also creates a file with the worst number pairs (the least frequent) in the lotto game. You may want to eliminate (avoid) all the combinations that contain any of the worst pairings. The file is named LEAST6.

3) Run SUPER-6 to get the winning reports (the W6 files). Those files are very, very important. The show how the filters fared in the past. Based on that, you can select the filters for the next drawing. Remember this common sense rule: “What goes up, must come down!” OK?

4) Run WHEEL-6. We focus on the ‘4 of 6’ guarantee. For a 49 number lotto-6 game, the theoretical value for a ‘4 if 6’ system is 1033 combinations. We can have a total of 13,538 unique ‘4 if 6’ systems (wheels). WHEEL-6 will generate around 3000 combinations ‘4 if 6’ (since it aims at far better prizes). In this case, we can have around 4660 unique systems. Suppose we run WHEEL-6 without any filter and without the LEAST6 file. If we run the program one time, we have 1 in 4660 chances that our 3000 combination system will get the jackpot (it will have at least 2 ‘4 of 6’ prizes, possibly better). According to the law of big numbers and the fundamental formula of gambling (FFG), the probability is very slim that the program will generate the jackpot system (wheel) in the first few runs! Read the post on this BBS: “Can anyone point me to more details on the filters? – Don”. Don observed something interesting, although it is a result of FFG. “It DID PICK THE WINNER, but it was near the middle of the run of about 9,000 numbers!” Actually that type of “sweet spot” is situated just around the median according to FFG. In the case of our 4660 ‘4 if 6’ systems, the “sweet spot” should be around 1330 runs of WHEEL-6. No doubt, it is tedious to start WHEEL-6 and stop it, then run it gain…1330 times!

5) We can reduce the total number of unique ‘4 of 6’ systems by using filters, plus the LEAST6 pairings. So, you have the W6 report files, plus the report generated by UTIL-6. The “Skip’ chart is very, very valuable. You don’t need to wheel all the numbers in your lotto game. You will notice that most skips of each number are below the median. That means that the lotto numbers DO repeat after a number of drawings equal to or less than the median-skip. If you see the skip chart for a lotto number starting with a value larger than the median, chances are that particular number will not come out the next drawing. It may take many, many lottery drawings for that number to hit again. Why should you waste your resources playing such a number? It is also wasteful to play the worst pairings. You need to add the LEAST6 file to your D6 file. Start again “MDIEditor and Lotto” and open D6. As above, use the “Insert Text” feature to insert the LEAST6 file to the top of D6.
Delete any empty lines. You are at the top of D6. Press {Enter} to start an empty line. You will type here the lotto numbers you DO NOT WANT TO PLAY (based on the skip charts). Type the numbers exactly 6 per line (read again the tutorial that comes with “SuperPower$”). For exaple, you want to avoid the following 13 numbers:

1, 3, 13, 19, 21, 22
25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 37
41, 41, 41, 41, 41, 41

(You repeated 41 several times in order to have exactly 6 numbers per line.)
Save the file still as D6. If your lotto-6 game has 49 numbers, LEAST6 has also 49 drawings (lines). The first screen of WHEEL-6 has the prompt “How many drawings for least pairs”. You would type 49. At the prompt “How many drawings to eliminate all numbers” in the same first screen you will type 3 (there are three lines with those 13 numbers you want to avoid altogether). If you don’t want to use LEAST6 and/or eliminate any numbers, just delete those lines and save D6 with the new content.
Using such parameters, we will deal with only hundreds of unique ‘4 of 6’ lotto systems (wheels). Also, each system will consist of fewer combinations. You will need to stop-and-run the WHEEL-6 program fewer times.

Finally, write down what you are doing, before sending messages. If you encounter errors, go back to the tutorials. Write down everything, including when you got everything right. You will be able to do everything very easily, almost automatically, after a while.

I am not sure, however, that you’ll ever be willing to share your positive experiences and tips with other users, including myself. I will appreciate a great deal if you would post here your tips.

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

Expert tips to run the best lottery software, LotWon.

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