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BrightS: High-Powered Integrated Sports Betting Software

By Ion Saliu, Bright Sportsman At-Large

Run the collection of unique programs for winning at sports betting games.

1. BrightS - High-Power Integrated Sports Betting Software

Version 2.0, August 2013; software category: 5.4.
This is the most powerful roulette software application anywhere. It bundles in a convenient system the most important pieces of sport bet software created by Ion Saliu.

First, you need to become a registered member of this Web site (for a reasonable membership fee). You can download the software from your dedicated membership pages. The membership pages have also clear instructions on downloading, installing, and running the software.

It is also recommended to visit and read all the valuable information on the main software site. BRIGHTS belongs to software category 5.4.

The main menus are as follows:

Sports betting software help manual #1.

Sport bet software help manual #2.

Start by creating a sports-betting data file or the real-scores file. It is the easiest possible step. The files are in ASCII (text) format. You can use any text editor to create a file, including "MDIEditor and Lotto WE", or Notepad (comes free with Windows).

The sports betting data file consists of real results recorded at the end of games. That is, you must record the game results manually. Or, you might be able to find Web sites that offer real scores.

This software bundle comes with one data file with real NFL results as ATS: Against The Spread. Filename: NFL.ODS. You need a data file for each American game you take care of (e.g. NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.)

The NFL data file must have exactly 15 teams per line. The teams must be separated by commas.

If the week had 16 games, then discard the Monday Night Football game; do not record that game in the data file. If the week had 14 or fewer games, simply add the word open at the end of the line representing that week. Count the items carefully, so that the number of teams plus the word open should add up to 15.

When updating the data file, keep in mind this rule: the latest (the most recent) drawing always goes to the top of the file, becoming the line number 1. The oldest drawing is the bottom line in the file. If your data file is not in this order, you need to use the included program UpDown. It reverses the order in a text file: the bottom becomes the top of the file.

Powerful sports betting software BRIGHT-S is serious software for serious sport-bet players.

2. The Main Programs and Functions

* I highly recommend that you do the following. Put together all the information I made available in one file. Copy and paste everything in one file. Then, edit that file, using your own words. That would be the best way to use my software, systems, and strategies.

* Read also one of the accompanying files: ReadMeS.TXT (or README.TXT).

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3. Resources in Sports Betting: Theory, Mathematics, Excel Spreadsheet, Systems, Parlays

See a comprehensive directory of the pages and materials on the subject of sports betting, software, systems, and parlays.

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