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Test Ion Saliu Roulette System to Intimidate Him - But You Can't!

A gambling author in disguise, Lutz, found Ion Saliu's roulette system to be a real winner. Then, he changed his mind and wanted new testing of the Super Roulette Strategy.

Posted by Lutz on November 16, 2000.


Some time ago I posted a message to this forum regarding the roulette system of Ion Saliu.

My first impressions were very good, and I have thought to have found the holy grail.

Unfortunately after testing on real spins the tests have shown that the system in this form
is not a consisting winning system.

I am very disapointed - but the truth has to be published.

Mr. Saliu doesn't accept my test - it seems that he is too much identified with his "creation". He has never published a test over longtime by himself.

It is a pitty.......

Lutz (a.k.a. "Am-O-Mita-Tu...")

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Intimidate Ion to withdraw his super roulette strategy.

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