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Lutz Melhorn and Another Outlaw Pirate?
Gambling system developers and casino executives try intimidation to stop winning roulette systems

Gambling system developers and casino executives try intimidation to stop winning gambling and roulette systems from being distributed.

Posted by Ion Saliu on November 18, 2000; later updates.

In Reply to: Lutz Melhorn: Using my property ILLEGALLY posted by Ion Saliu on November 17, 2000.

• This is the latest from Lutz. He does behave like a child. The law is a laughing matter for him. His latest claim is another example of disregarding the law. He does not realize that somebody's property is somebody's property. One can do what he pleases only with his own property.

"I have got a copy from your roulette system from the time you have sold it, in the beginning of the year. This man who has sent me this copy told me that he has no commitment with you."

Nobody has ever received my roulette system without a “commitment”. That is, the licensee signed that he/she will abide by the copyright laws. The copyright laws are in effect nationally and internationally. They can lead to both civil suits, and criminal cases.

Now, who would be such a big idiot to break the law and send a copyrighted material to a maniac? Or, if the maniac had already a bootleg copy of my system, why would he send money for a legal copy later? Because the roulette system was worthless to begin with, wasn't it?! He even saw the worthless system applicable to stock trading . . .

I am fully aware that I have to deal with this kind of individuals. Most probably, they are gambling authors/developers themselves. My gambling systems and software certainly conflict with their own interests. They might as well be after my roulette systems. If they force me to give up and fold up shop, then they would be free to claim my gambling systems as theirs! The casino executives fall in this category. My gambling systems appear to severely threaten the financial interests of the casinos. Their practice is to harass people like me until we can't take it anymore. We just have to give up and fold up shop! There is also the category of the regular user of my gambling systems or lottery software and systems. Such little guys simply don't want many other people use the same powerful systems. In a way, the little guys just beg me to stop distributing my own creations.

Them all guys are part of life as well. I believe I learned how to better deal with that area of the jungle. I don't damn it care what their agenda is. I will keep doing what I do. Intimidation or irritation has never stopped me. As a matter of fact, the challenge makes me a better player in the human game. It is a contact game, a game of collision sometimes.

Ion Saliu

L.M. spamming and breaking the law from: ([]

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