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Lutz Melhorn: Using My (Gambling Intellectual) Property ILLEGALLY

The disgruntled roulette player Lutz had no rights to use the roulette gambling systems legally, as he breached the contract. Actually, he wanted the roulette systems withdrawn, thus use for himself only.

Posted by Ion Saliu on November 17, 2000; later updates.

In Reply to: Independent tester for Ions Roulette-System needed posted by Lutz on November 17, 2000.

Lutz Melhorn:

You breached a contract. In your post, you stated that I gave you my permission to show my roulette systems to another person. That was a lie. Meanwhile, the same day, you sent me an email stating that you never cooperated with another person as far as my gambling system was concerned. That was another lie. The point is this: You breached a contract and you no longer have the rights to use my intellectual property. I offered you the path to follow for a refund. Repeat, you are using my intellectual property illegally. Do not play with fire! Germany is a nation governed by the rule of law, in case you still wonder.

Stop sending me emails and stop posting on this message board. Doing otherwise would be treated as spamming and harassment. You started your irritating campaign around two months ago. I've had enough. Period. That means END OF STORY.

Ion Saliu

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Ion Saliu's Notes
The roulette systems Lutz, the pirate-gambler, refers to became Super Roulette Strategy. I released it to the public in 2005 for free!!! I included powerful roulette software to demonstrate the validity of the systems and also offer a great practice tool. The roulette program name: SuperRoulette.

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Force Ion to stop offering his super roulette gambling systems and strategy.

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