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Creating input files for BETUS - American sports betting software

By Ion Saliu, Bettor At-Large

Ion Saliu: Software, Programs, Apps, Systems, Strategies.

Posted on February 26, 2001.

In Reply to: BETUS – Sports betting, the American way posted by Ion Saliu on February 24, 2001.

”: • He must be a big time sports bettor. The same guy who asked for a program like TEAMS sent me another request. Or suggestion, as he puts it. “

• I thought you were kidding me. It is obvious by now that trivial things irritate me. So, I thought you tried to joke. I also thought you were a computer programmer I’ve known. In any event, this brief message will close the case. Creating a text file in the DOS environment is very easy, so easy, that I have difficulties trying to explain it. You should also go to the “Help” page of this site to read more on data files. Everybody should always go to the “Help” page and to the “Search” page to find more info. This message board has also plenty of info. Just search it!

You need a text editor. There is a free one bundled with DOS/Windows 95/98. It is called EDIT.COM and you can find it in your C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ folder. I assume you already created a directory (folder) at the DOS prompt. I assume its name is BETUS. Here is the command:


You copy the program BETUS to that directory:

You must change to that directory in order to run the program. Copy also EDIT.COM to that directory:


Start the editor:

(Of course, you must press the Enter key at the end of each command. If you didn’t know that, please apply for basic computer tutoring close to your home.)

You are now in a blank screen.

Creating a file is as easy as typing text, one line at a time. The BETUS input files consist of two team names per line. A line of text represents ONE GAME. You must separate the team names by a comma. One team name, one word. Instead of Notre Dame, you must write something like NotreD. Also, you need to keep the names short, albeit meaningful. Press Enter at the end of line. A one game file will have one line of text, something like this:

Click on the File menu, Save. A meaningful name for such a file would be: GAMES.1

Here is an example of an 8-game file:

GIANTS, Eagles
RAIDERS, Dolphins
Ravens, TITANS
Oklahoma, FLASTATE
MIAMI, Florida.

Notice, there are EXACTLY 8 lines, with two words each, separated by a comma. You could save a file like that one as GAMES.8
Of course, you have to update your files to reflect the latest games.
It is also advised to write the name of the favorite in upper cases, and the name of the underdog in lower cases.
I received also questions on how to print the combinations. There are two (at least) options. One, you can print the output file at the command prompt:

Two, press simultaneously Shift+Print Scrn after you stopped the program execution (after you pressed F10). Sometimes you can just press the key Print Scrn.

Case closed!

Ion Saliu

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BETUS: American football sports betting, sport bet software.

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