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By Ion Saliu, Founder of Sports Bet Mathematics

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Published on October 25, 2001 — and later.

• In response to some questions on Sports Betting Prognosticating.
I do not offer direct betting systems or strategies; not freebies, anyway. There is 6 weeks' worth of statistics in the 2001 NFL regular season. Based on the stats so far, I compiled the following table for Week 7, October 28, 2001. I used the spreadsheet Sports.XLS, with some adaptations.


Home(1)   Visitor(2)      Points(1)  Points(2)        Bet

Chiefs     Colts            24.3       24.5        Colts by 0.2
Ravens     Jaguars          22.8       10.8        Ravens by 12
Bucs       Vikings          17.3       13.0        Bucs by 4.3
Lions      Bengals          17.0       20.8        Bengs by 3.8
Bears      49ers            21.3       19.8        Bears by 1.5
Rams       Saints           22.9       16.7        Rams by 6.2
Carolina   Jets             17.8       26.8        Jets by 9
Cowboys    Cardinals        16.0       16.7        Cards by 0.7
Eagles     Raiders          23.3       20.3        Eagles by 3
Broncos    Pats             24.2       15.0        Broncs by 9.2
Chargers   Bills            27.2       14.3        Charges by 13
Dolphins   Seahawks         24.5       20.2        Seahws by 4.3
Redskins   Giants           13.7       22.7        Giants by 9
Steelers   Titans           18.5       10.2        Steels by 8.3

Only few points here.
I look at the game Ravens – Titans. Statistically, the Ravens are favored to win by 12, according to SPORTS.XLS. The bet seems even more attractive when compared to a line that reads “Ravens by 7.5”. Moreover, the Ravens lost their last two games, although they were favorites. It happened before. The Ravens lost to Bengals and Broncos in consecutive games. Then, the next game, they beat the Titans by 19 (covering a 3.5 point spread).

I look also at Steelers – Titans. Statistically, the Steelers are favored to win by 8.3 points. The score should be 19-10, statistically speaking. They won their previous two games. Unlike Baltimore, Pittsburgh was not supposed to win those games. Now, it is time for the Steelers to win as favorites.
The third time is the charm. If not, I won't mind the fourth time. I would just bet bigger...

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