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Free lotto software for lotto sums or sum-totals as lottery filters

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Posted by DEZ ( ( on July 17, 2001.

In Reply to: An experiment: A power strategy for pick-3 lottery posted by DEZ on July 12, 2001.

FYI: In most of the hits that occorred after a trigger, the sum of the winning lotto combination under 100. If you go to lotto . com, they offer free lottery software that uses sums as one of the lottery filters. I just ran a mock drawing using 33 as the highest lotto ball, and no favorite. I stopped the program after about 150 combinations were spit out. After stripping duplcates, I had about 130 lotto combinations left.

I then ran the output file through ldir, using 100 as the maximum sum. I was only left with 36 lotto combinations. That is another big filter to take advantage of.

HOW ABOUT SOME MORE PEOPLE GETTING INVOLVED. TO THIS POINT, AND I HOPE ION WOULD AGREE, I AM GOING ONLY GOING TO E-MAIL THOSE WHO HAVE PARTICIPATED. You don't need to address only what I have posted. Ion has a posted an idea as a follow-up to something he posted earlier. You can respond to that, or be like the person who posted an idea about Keno.

The state governments are raking it in. Let's share ideas so we can all get a piece of the pie. As individuals, we lose at lottery week in and week out. As a team, sharing information, we can learn together what works and what doesn't. That will not only save us money, it will help us make money.

Those of you who who come to the site every day and try to get info without working on coming up with something yourself, beware. You may be left out in the cold. In the Illinois Lottery, 20 times in the last 360+ lotto drawings, the lowest lotto number in that draw was under 20. In other words, approx. 1 in 18 lottery drawings this occurred.
: I am trying to find a way to predict within a few drawings of when this situation will occur. The benefits are obvious. If we know when to expect a drawing that starts with a number no less than 20, we have successfully filtered out 19 lotto balls. If enough people respond and get involved, I will post a VERY interesting anomaly regarding the Pick-3 lottery. This anamoly ( for lack of a better word), combined with 4 lottery strategies that are used in conjuction with the anamoly, made me in excess of $1200 last week.

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Free lotto software for lotto sums or sum-totals as lottery filters.


The sum or sum-totals of the winning lotto combination can go under 100.

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Lottery software that uses sums or sum-totals as one of the lotto filters.