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SoftwareLotto: Special upgrades to the lotto utility software for 5-, 6- and 7-number lotto games

By Ion Saliu, Software Sapiens At-Large

Presenting two new powerful lotto software applications for 5, 6 or 7-number games.

• SoftwareLotto5, SoftwareLotto6, SoftwareLotto7:
~ Special upgrades to the lottery utility software for lotto-5 and lotto 6, 7 games.
~ Versions: 16.0 (lotto 5 and lotto-6), April, June 2009; 32-bit DOS software (Win9x, command prompt or character mode in Windows XP/Vista, including 64-bit).
~ Version 16.0 (April, June 2009) for lotto 5, 6 and lotto-7 lifted all restrictions on generating lotto combinations, including eliminating the least pairings, triples, quadruples, quintuples, sextets. The three powerful packages will be also integrated in the Bright packages that will run under 64-bit Windows Vista via a great-looking change in the interface.
SoftwareLotto7 requires Permanent Membership to download.

Also, these new comprehensive programs enhance the totally free lotto applications I introduced in the summer of the year of grace 2008: ToolsLotto5 and ToolsLotto6.

Please be mindful, however, that SoftwareLotto5, SoftwareLotto6, SoftwareLotto7 represent a special gesture to the members of this scintillating website. Therefore, paid membership is required in order to download the three new lotto programs.

For the bulk of the functions, I will refer you back to the material that presents the entire collection of lottery utility software:

I will analyze here only the new functions: the Rundown functions and the Combination generating modules.

First, let's take an artistically educated peek at the main menus. After all, lottery is the artistic science of randomness, the scientific art of order. The Everything is orderly random, as It follows the mathematical laws of Almighty Number.

Lotto software tools for 5-number games.

Lotto software tools: Triplets or 3 of 6 lotto groups.

Lotto software tools: Quadruplets or 4 of 7 lotto groups.

I enhanced the most important function in the new lotto programs: G = Generate combos, favorites, (eliminate) leasts.

Analyzing groups: singles, pairs, triples, quadruples, quintuples, sextuples in lotto games.

• The Rundown functions perform statistical analyses of single and multiple number groups in the lottos. The groups are:
~ Singles: one lotto number at a time, of course!
~ Pairings: 2-number lotto groups;
~ Triples: 3-number lotto groups;
~ Quadruples: 4-number lotto groups;
~ Quintuples: 5-number lotto groups (applicable to the lotto 6/7 games only);
~ Sextuples: 6-number lotto groups (applicable to the lotto-7 games only, of course!)

You already saw the statistical reports for the triplets and the quadruplets in the total freeware (the Tools-Lotto software). The programs determine the span of analysis or parpaluck for each number group. The span of analysis is calculated by the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). It represents N (number of past lottery drawings) for a degree of certainty DC = 50%.

The triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, and sextuplets require very, very large data files, especially for the lotto-6/7 games. Virtually no lottery has ever conducted that many drawings. It would be great to have real draws. Still, we can use those free SIMulated data files that these very applications create themselves with ease. You can try to generate the reports for the triplets, quadruplets, and quintuplets by using your D5, D6, or D7 files. Again, it is not exactly like using real data files, with actual lotto draws. On the other hand, the lottery commissions always run fake drawings. That is, they conduct a number of drawings, before the real one (the drawing or result they publish).

Virtually, the source code in my software is optimized to the maximum. Still, the specific rundown reports in these two programs are very demanding. Especially the quadruples, quintuples, and sextuples might take quite a long time on a slow PC. There is no way around patience!

Run lotto software to generate winning combinations for all lotto games, drawing 5, 6, or 7 numbers.

• • Lets look now at the modules that generate lotto combinations, with or without favorite numbers, eliminating the least groups or not.

Lotto software tools: Quadruples or 4 of 5 lotto groups.

Lotto software tools: Quintuples or 5 of 6 lotto groups.

Lotto software tools: Sextuples or 6 of 7 lotto groups.

This new combination generating function has 5/6/7 subroutines:
1) Generate lotto combinations with NO favorite numbers;
2) Generate combinations with ONE favorite lotto number;
3) Generate lotto combinations with TWO favorite numbers (a favorite lotto pair);
4) Generate combinations with THREE favorite lotto numbers (a favorite triple);
5) Generate lottery combinations with FOUR favorite lotto numbers (a favorite quadruple);
6) Generate combinations with FIVE favorite lotto numbers (a favorite quintuple — for lotto 6, 7 only);
7) Generate combinations with SIX favorite lotto numbers (a favorite sextuple — for lotto-7 only).

Each subroutine has its own multiple choices:
1.- do not eliminate any least frequent groups;
2.- eliminate the least singles;
3.- eliminate the least (worst frequent) pairings;
4.- eliminate the least triplets;
5.- eliminate the worst quadruplets;
6.- eliminate the worst quintuplets;
7.- eliminate the worst sextuplets.

Nota bene. There is a strategy error regarding the LEAST functions. Do NOT use the combination generators with the LEAST options in SoftwareLotto6! Always press N or n to disable the LEAST options!

The singles elimination alone has some powers, nonetheless. In a 6/49 lotto game, the singles elimination (Least61) generates 100,947 combinations (down from 13983816). Indeed, other least groups are even more potent; e.g. 'least pairs' generates 13165 combos, without favorites. Enabling both 'least singles' and 'least pairings' generates 505 lotto combinations. Playing 2 favorite lotto numbers and eliminating the 'least triples' generates only 4 combos, sometimes only 1!

Be mindful of synchronicity, too. You may choose a favorite number and try to generate combos by eliminating the least singles. If your favorite is among the entries in Least61, the software will not generate one...single lotto combination...of course! Of course, the skips and streaks have an important role to play. The winning reports are still on the drawing board.

Yes, it can be done manually. Here is what I do. Start somewhere 100 draws back in my lotto data files. If not enough real lottery drawings, I use the D(5,6,7) data files, which include SIMulated lotto combinations. I generate all the Least files with 0 as the upper limit. I generate combinations by enabling the respective Least feature (e.g. Least singles). The amount of lotto combos generated is quite impressive. I use the Check for winners function. I apply the winners function for the next 100 draws (that behave here as future lottery drawings). I see how that particular Least elimination feature fared. I go back and set the upper limit to 1…and follow the procedure of generating lotto combos and checking them against the next 100 lottery drawings. I go back again and set the upper limit to 2...follow the procedure above... Set the upper limit to 3...and so on...

Checking for lotto winners allows me to see a cycle of fruition or potrocel (name chosen for the sake of simplification). I explained on the lottery math page that the degree of certainty comes to fruition within a range of future trials (lotto drawings, in this case). Furthermore, the potrocel helps with figuring out the median skip.

It is really tedious! I want the software to do that automatically for me. It should work like the winning report generators: The lottery software that creates the WS files (e.g. W6.1, MD5.4, etc.) I want the software to tell me: "The upper limit = 3 for lotto 6 is about to hit in the next few draws."

I do know that high upper limits (especially for singles and pairs) are quite frequent — even 4 or more. Such Least files absolutely obliterate the lotto odds! Since they don't hit frequently, they don't generate lotto combos most of the time. But they do hit — with just one lotto combination, sometimes.

I can increase the winning probability even further. I generate the Least files for several past drawings, usually adjacent ones. For example, I go back 6 drawings, then 7, then 8… I combine all output files and play them for the potrocel (as calculated by FFG, Fundamental Formula of Gambling). Right now, I can only play blindly, but having a high degree of certainty that I can win big, really big in a reasonable timeframe. On the other hand, I do not do things before I know as precisely as possible the underpinning mathematics of things. And there you have the reason... I am referring to those who can't comprehend why I do not posses all those millions and millions in many currencies. You know, like winning the lotteries, beating the casinos, even bankrupting the big guys of the stock market, while skyrocketing certain stocks...

Something else to keep in mind: This software is not distributed on a definitive basis. The two programs might be withdrawn without notice. You might have seen quite a few pages at this web site with the header 'Offer withdrawn'. If you are a member, I warmly recommend you visit the software download page. Then, start the downloading ASAP. Keep good records of your membership and also the downloading of these three lotto titles. If the full version released, only registered members would be eligible. Disclosure: This software enables user and usage tracking — in the cleanest manner possible. Please do not share my software with unregistered users. Your generosity towards others is animosity towards yours truly.

Ion writes the best software to generate winning lotto combinations with fewest tickets.

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