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Generosity and Stupidity: Sharing Strategy, Systems, Gambling, Lottery, Lotto, Horse Racing

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Lottery Science

Cool analysis of generosity, stupidity sharing strategies, systems, gambling, lottery, horses.

Written on June 26, 2004; updated November 10, 2004.

NOT! Smarty Jones did not win the Belmont Stakes 2004 and thus complete the Triple Crown ride. Smarty Jones was an incredible 1-5 favorite! I saw many idiots (in my opinion) betting over $10,000 just for the sake of collecting winning tickets! Smarty Jones would have become an historic figure in horse racing, had he (IT, in cool truth) won the Triple Crown (and the additional $5,000,000 in credit card advertising). Take an aim at me with your rotten eggs and tomatoes, but I consider all collecting activities as one of the most stupid activities. The only exception is art, where collecting is preserving, and preserving is the only form of existing and using. I have a large musical collection because it is the only way I can make usage of this great art form named music. I do not collect a record because it is a rare, non-functional piece of vinyl! Collecting without a usage goal is against nature.

The animals — the only ancestors of humans — do not collect without a purpose. The animals only store, or deposit, for later use. Good ole' humans only collected items to eat later, but not items to look at, and boast about, at winter parties. Good ole' humans did paint some caverns with beautiful animals. But those beautiful animals only existed on the walls of the caverns. If humans collect for the grandiose purpose of preserving the past, then the past would leave no room for the present, let alone the future! That would be the reality if all humans were to have a say in what's worth preserving and museuming (my coining!) It would take more than the twelve wise philosophers Plato proposed in “The Republic” to guide all human activity. There would be no consent on the top million items humans should museumize during every millennium. In fact, there would be a bloody war when it comes to preserving the past and its artifacts!

I know a thing or two about preservation of the past. I live in an outdoor museum in the United States. This is the place where the Gettysburg Battle took place during the American Civil War (the hot month of July 1863). Abraham Lincoln wrote and delivered his memorable Gettysburg address here. The United States has a very short history, by comparison to Europe, Asia, and Africa. The United States can afford to keep a minute-by-minute historical record. I was resettled as a refugee to Gettysburg. My strongest memory is still my tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield conducted by a theological student, Dave, who was an extraordinary Civil War historian. He presented to me the Battle of Gettysburg almost minute by minute!

Now, the early 1990's posed Gettysburg with another battle. Walmart wanted to open a store in Gettysburg. The site coincided, however with one site of the Civil War. A barn that witnessed the Civil War was in the way of the Wal-Mart store. There was fierce opposition to the commercial construction. In many people's opinion (mine as well) the barn was unsighted and irrelevant to the bigger picture of the Civil War. The present won in the end. The undeniable historic fact is that the Wal-Mart store improved the quality of life of tens of thousands of people in this area. I admit, many of the store beneficiaries are dead now. But nobody fought that their memories be preserved at the expense of the present. In the end, the Fear_Survival system always imposes its will. The species wouldn't insure its own preservation otherwise…

Usually, if I have a drink I become more aggressive. If people attack me on the Internet, for example, I respond more aggressively. I have certainly considered that my Internet survival was due in great part to my aggressive response to attacks. Some tried to kick my ass, but I kicked their butts even more harshly. My back kicking put many of the aggressors in their places. I realized, however, that many attacks were faked, actually. The butt kickers only provoked me. They wanted more intimate ideas from me, some strategies that I kept secret to myself. They would play the card: “Ion, you are an idiot in this matter”. They bet that I would respond with a solid argumentation, but a new one, an original one. A glass of wine would lead me to such (re)action. It happened again with the overdue trifecta betting system. It started with a so-called point of certainty — and coin flipping. To argue a real-life case, I revealed that trifecta betting system.

I argue to myself that the Truth is above anybody, therefore myself. I have argued to myself that I must do what the Truth requires. But now I realize there must me limitations. The limit test is the Fear_Survival system. One must not reveal facts that would hurt him/her. Real democracies grant to their subjects the right and guarantee not to harm himself/herself (the fifth amendment of the US Constitution). Not that I hold illegal secrets.

Nevertheless, in the case of the rare trifectas revelation I was close to lead myself to dire financial losses! You shalt not harm yourself, reads the eleventh commandment. You shalt help your brothers and sisters, but not if that harms yourself. Life has relied on the eleventh commandment since two and a half billions years ago. Ever heard of the Donner Party (California, 1846)? That's an extreme showcase of the eleventh commandment. It reads you shalt make sure you survive first. I know for sure I wouldn't have survived a Donner Party. I can't eat mutton, for example, let alone human flesh. I almost succumbed a stinky mutton meal during my (forced) military service!

This is a new look at strategies in gambling and lottery. I understand better now why so many correspondents faked to me their strategies. They presented me with strategies that, absolutely undoubtedly, I had had knowledge of. Some even said: “I'm sure you thought about this or that already…” Their main purpose was to get more, a lot more from me: perhaps better strategies and extra software. You already realized this fact. You know you wanted to do the same thing. You wanted other people share their LotWon strategies. You only teased them. You just said: “I have this idea of a strategy; what better ideas do you have?”

You also understand why Ion Saliu's software is kept under a tight secret. You know, people discuss publicly many other software titles, but not LotWon or MDIEditor & Lotto WE. The discussions are positive, and more often negative in nature. Yet, people react simply by mentioning LotWon, be it for the most negative reasons! I know, however, that there is some private sharing of really good strategies. But they are rare and far between. The bottom line is: You should rely on yourself when devising strategies. You can't rely on me anymore. Yes, those pairing strategies are for my eyes only. NOT! You won't get any from me now. . The point of sanity is you don't want other players play the same combinations as you do. Especially, you don't want to share the biggest prize with others. LotWon offers countless strategy possibilities. The probability is very low that more than one player will come up with the same strategy in the same game.

I was posed with a memorable question when I released MDIEditor and Lotto WE. The infamous Thief of Erith Swamps asked me: “Why do you want to distribute your software? Why do you care so much about pride?” Indeed, most of what I have done has been for pride. Not money. I will always serve the Truth, but I must serve myself better as well. Sure, I must present the Truth. The key point is the timing. Did I succeed financially and professionally? If yes, then immediately make the Truth public: ideas, and formulas, and strategies, and algorithms, and source code, and all the like leading to a success. Make also sure that everything is well copyrighted and patent protected. There is no virtue in being pirated by bastards around the world. I conducted an experiment the past week. I received coincidental emails about piracy of my software and/or ideas. I expanded by doing search of my own. I started to kick major ass. I then realized I would not have enough time left to breathe!

Lotto WE is a very intelligent piece of lotto, lottery, gambling, probability software functions.

Generosity, stupidity: strategy, systems, gambling, lottery, lotto.

I revealed winning horse racing systems and trifecta payouts dropped dramatically.

Generosity in gambling, Lottery, Horse-racing.

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