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The Role of FILTERS in Lottery, Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

The filters are a very important component of lottery softwarem, lotto software.

Lotto, Lottery Probabilities for Odd, Even, Low, High

Other lottery, lotto software developers want the algorithms, formula or formulas to calculate the number of lottery combinations generated without running the software.

Lotto 5 software and strategy file for 5-number lotto games

A lottery player praises Ion's lotto software and he is interested in a template for strategy files for the Wheel-5 software program.

Programming software for lotto, lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions

Difficulties and rewards in programming software for lotto, lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno, gambling, based on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling.

Versions of lotto, lottery software have different reports

Various versions of the best lotto software and lottery software have different winning reports. The lottery filters also change with some versions, like COLumn and POSition.

Piracy Against Ion Saliu, Web Site SALIU.COM, Theories

Exposing acts of hostility - Piracy, site snatching, virus attacks, plagiarism - targeted at Ion Saliu and Web site

Google Search, Google Shit Anthem of Internet After Panda, Penguin

After Google released Panda, Penguin updates, there is a loud anthem all over the Internet: Google Search, Google Shit.

Press Release on Absurdity of GOD Concept

This Press Release is about the absurdity of GOD concept.

Philosophy, Wine, Freedom, Prison, Reason, Ancient Greece

Wine made a contribution to the birth of philosophy in Ancient Greece. Well reflected in Plato's Symposium.

How to program software to reverse order in lotto, lottery

The master of lotto and lottery software teaches on how to write software to reverse the order in lotto, lottery drawings (results) files. The most recent draw goes to the top of data file (text format, ASCII).

Romanian player wants to learn lottery, lotto software

A lottery player from Romania wants to learn how to successfully use MDIEditor and Lotto, the most comprehensive software application for lotto and lottery.

Lottery players use the sums of lotto combinations as systems.

In a short-term experience with other lotto strategies, lottery players discover that most lotto players always use the sums of combinations as a filter.

Lotto strategies, software: Win with few lottery combinations

Expert lottery player DEZ devised two lotto systems or strategies to play in his Illinois lottery games. The goal is to play with as few lottery combinations as conceivable.

Father, Daughter, Aloneness, Nietzsche

Ion Saliu's Fear-Survival concept is brilliant and deserves serious thought, consideration by philosophers, scientists, all humans.

Lotto Five-Filter in Lottery Software Is Very Powerful but Tricky

The lottery filter Five can reach very high levels in a lotto-6 data file. It is not recommended to set the maximum value of that lotto filter.

All filters in lottery software, lotto software are equal

All filters in LotWon lotto and lottery software are equally effective since they have a median. The median of one lottery filter reduces half of the lottery combinations.

Avoid errors in lotto, lottery strategy software

One way for the software user to avoid errors in the lottery strategy software, or lotto software is to use files consistent with the version. Strategy-checking lotto program.

Enslaved by Creativity: Creativity Endless Process

The process of creation can take control over our thoughts, emotions, actions, and lives. Creativity is a never-ending activity.

Powerball lottery game covered by MDIEditor; plus Mega Millions, Euromillions Lotto

Powerball lotto player wants to apply MDIEditor And Lotto to '5+1' lottery games, like Powerball, Mega Millions, California SuperLotto Plus.

How to learn horseracing betting, systems

Horseracing interested player wants information on how to educate himself to become a better bettor at horse races.

Devise winning roulette casino strategy from Fundamental Formula of Gambling

A casino gambler wants to understand the Fundamental Formula of Gambling in order to devise a winning roulette gambling strategy to win money in the casino.

Lotto Wheeling Software: Avoid One Maximum Filter, Five

Avoid the maximum setting of the FIVE-filter in the lotto wheeling software Wheel-632. Max-Five requires extremely large lotto-5 results files, plus a huge file of past draws.

Talking to my public diary: Misery and danger

One of Ion Saliu's real blogs. About living, home, misery, danger, mice and wild trees. We got to live, we must live without doing harm to other humans.

Unknown 4-Number digit lottery or lotto game

Ion had never heard about software and systems for a curious pick 4 or digit lottery game: Drawing 4 numbers between 00 and 100. New lottery software can be tailored to that lotto format.

Filters, Restrictions, Elimination, Reduction in Lottery

The function of the filters in lottery software, lotto software: Restrictions or constraints that reduce, eliminate millions of lotto combinations.


The Italian soccer championship is a lot tougher to predict than the American professional football, point spread included, because of big surprises.

Interpretation of reports, filters in lotto, lottery software

Lottery players and users of the best lotto software and lottery software ask on how to interpret their winning reports. The lottery filters Five and COLumn are in the programs.

Gambling, lottery, philosophy website, meditation, wine

Gambling, lottery and philosophy can make a very interesting web site. Add wine to the meditation!

Immortality Redemption Deadly Viruses Vaccines KGB

Essay on Immortality, Redemption, Deadly Viruses, Vaccines, KGB.Creativity and achievements grow hatred in others. The haters and resenters have equal opportunities.

Saliu lottery software is far better than any other lottery application

It would be worth it to pay some money for better instructions on how to use Ion Saliu's formidable lotto and lottery software.

Winning strategy for the casino game of craps

Can you give me some advice or a system on the casino game of craps? I already know how to play the game in the casino.


The top pages at Views, entry, exit pages. Lotto, Lottery, Powerball, Gambling, Roulette, Blackjack, Systems, Software. Stats, statistics.

Great lottery software, better lotto tutorials needed

Praise Ion Saliu for the free lottery software. The lottery and lotto software seems to be great but very few know how to use it. Please re-write the lotto tutorials!

Strategy for lotto 5 software program

Create a lottery strategy file for lotto-5, lotto 5, wheel software, programs. Try also strategy, systems for Powerball, Mega Millions type of lotto games.

Frequency of lotto, lottery software winning report

The efficient way to do the lotto software, lottery software winning reporting - the WS files to build lottery strategies, systems.

Changes in lottery software, lotto software, data files

When LotWon, the best lottery and lotto software changes, the user must change all data and strategy files. The lottery players should not mix versions of the lottery applications.

Keno software: MDIEditor and Lotto WE

Software, systems and strategies applied to Keno (also Powerball, Mega Millions), lotto, lottery games: MDIEditor and Lotto. Draw 20 numbers, you play up to 10 Keno numbers.

Test lotto wonder-grid in UK National Lottery 649 game

A test of the famous 'lotto wonder-grid' in UK National Lottery 649 lotto game. The tester is the (in)famous lottery player Kulai, a lottery system and software developer.

The biggest UK lotto 6-49 number UNDER 33, Sum-total

A UK National Lottery drawing has the biggest lotto 6/49 number under 33 and the sum-total UNDER 100 2% of the time. The statistical fact leads to a lotto strategy.

Lotto, lottery software winning report

Run the winning reporting (report) in lottery/lotto software before playing a lotto/lottery strategy.

Play creatively lotto, lottery with the best software

A user of LotWon recommends playing creatively lotto, lottery with the best software. A personal effort is necessary on the part of the lottery player.

The Republic, Dialogue by Plato - Book II

Plato's greatest philosophical work is an immortal writing in human history: The Republic. The dialogue by Plato, Book 2.

Wonder-grid options: Best lotto strategy, system software

The best software to win the lottery, entirely based on mathematics theory of probability logic science; The lotto wonder grid or lottery pairs strategy.

Roulette, Ruleta: Win, Winning Roulette, Search

Search on roulette, ruleta: Win, mathematics, software, keywords, strategy, systems, software, spins, odds, probability, betting, gambling.

Winning lotto, lottery strategies on mean averages

Creating winning lotto, lottery strategies around the median and the mean average of the filters or eliminating parameters. Then use the best lotto software for the task.


View the NFL schedule of all teams in 2014 season of professional American football. It lists all games, results, average scores, statistics on one Web page.


DG Doug Grant formerly blackjack card counter, vendor, tutor of card-counting gambling systems challenges card-counters, gambling authors to real casino play.

Book using great lotto lottery software

A faithful user of Ion Saliu's lotto software, lottery software and systems is willing to pay for a good book or tutorial. It would potentially pay millions of times over.

Probability for roulette dozens, columns to miss 8,9,10,11 spins in a row

Roulette players asks the roulette guru to calculate the probabilities for columns or dozens to miss 8,9,10,11,12, 13 consecutive roulette spins.

Lotteries commissions have no reason to cheat

Another lottery player thinks the lotteries commissions have no reason to cheat because they already take out 50% of lottery ticket sales.

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Gamblers can devise winning casino systems from Fundamental Formula of Gambling.


The filters in lottery software reduce millions of lotto combinations.

The site pages 701 to 750 present more details on filters in lotto software, lottery software.