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By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

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Lexicographical Order in Lotto Powerball, Mega Millions

The algorithms to calculate the lexicographical order or combination sequence number for Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions lotto games.

Most Powerful Lottery Strategy? Pairs, Pairings, Frequency

A most efficient lotto, lottery strategy, system - Lotto Wonder Grid. Founded on lotto number pairs, pairing, frequency. Play the most frequent pairings of the

Statistics of highest lotto 6-49 number UNDER 33, Sum

A statistical discovery: If the sum of a lotto draw is 100, almost 50% of the time a drawing will occur within a skip of 4 lottery drawings where the highest lotto.

Horse Racing, Races, Tips, Betting, Systems, Software

Learn how to win horse races as pick-3 lottery with trifectas, triactors. Get best tips for horse racing running horseracing software.

Sum-totals, root sums for pick-4 lottery game

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the pick 4 lottery game and the amount of corresponding 4-digit straight sets of the 10000 total.

Lottery Strategy and Software Based on Number Frequency

Run the software to create powerful lottery systems based on number frequency, lotto decades, skips, low, high, odd, even.

Pick 4 Digits Ranked by Frequency, Statistics

The Pick 4 digits ranked by their frequency: from the hottest to the coldest. The statistical report is performed regardless of digit position, and position by position.

Powerball Lotto Results, Lottery Drawings, Draws, History

How to create software data files for results (drawings, draws, past winning numbers) in the Powerball (Power Ball, powerpall) lotto games and other lottery games.

Lottery Pairs, Lotto Frequency, Wonder Grid

The Wonder Grid is a theory and strategy in lotto and lottery based on number frequency in recent drawings. It is, however, less effective than the lottery-least

Comparative Lottery Software, Lotto Software, Programs

Posted by Karl Malmberg on August 20, 2000. I have recently had the opportunity to test run two commercially available software programs: Platinum Plus by Prof. Jones

James Bond Roulette Systems: Bet on Two Dozens or Columns

James Bond played a losing roulette system based on two dozens, two columns - proposed by a hostile casino executive, Chairman John Schroder of MGM Grand.

Calculate Odds, Probability In Lotto, Lottery, Roulette

Essential mathematics on probability, odds, formulae, formulas, software calculation and calculators for statistics, gambling, games of chance.


Gambling lawsuits filed against casinos on grounds of addiction, robbery, extortion of card counting as seen in the 21 movie, film.


Couple swapping: Calculate the probability that no man will be paired with his own wife in a swapping party; no woman will be paired with her own husband.

No Perfect Geometric Shapes in Nature Line Circle Sphere

There is no evidence of perfect shapes (geometrical shapes) on Earth or in Universe. Randomness creates random forms of matter. Only humans create perfect or

Lotto Lottery Software Gambling Systems Free Buy Custom

News on availability, conditions, sale, prices, pricing of lotto software, lottery software, gambling software, casino gambling systems. Get best for free, instead of

Command Prompt Software in Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Vista

How to run the best lottery software, lotto programs at Command Prompt in Windows 7, Win 8, XP, Vista, including 64-bit operating systems.


WRITER computer software randomly generates words, passwords, sentences, phrases of variable length.

Statistics of Real Roulette Wheel Spins at Hamburg

See a statistical analysis of real roulette spins (roulette actuals, permanenzen) from Hamburg Spielbank - the Hambrug casino in Geramany.

The Best Sports Betting Software

The new powerful sports bet software: Bright-S is best software for serious bettors on sports. Run a collection of programs for winning at sports betting with the

Lotto Wheeling Software, Lottery Winning Reports

WHEEL-6 lotto software is available as freeware lottery wheeling. Generate lotto, lottery, loto, loterie wheels from 3 of 6 to 6 of 6.

Astrology, lottery, lotto charts, prediction

On the light side: Astrology lottery, lotto, charts by a pretty and intelligent Romanian-American lady with an interest in astrology.

Piracy of Ion Saliu's Systems, Software: eBay, Lottery

There is widespread piracy of software and systems created by Ion Saliu, including on eBay. Instead of paying big money for pirated software, systems, rip-offs, scams

Sum-totals, Root Sums Powerball Lotto Game 5 of 59, 1 of 35

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the 5 of 59 and 1 of 35 Powerball multistate lottery game and the amount of corresponding Powerball lotto combinations.

Baccarat, Mini Baccarat: Win, Winning, Probability, Odds

Introduction to Baccarat, Mini-Baccarat. You may not want to play baccarat/mini-baccarat again, without reading the materials at this Web site!

Sum-totals, root sums for 5 of 39 number lotto game

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the 5 of 39 number lotto game and the amount of corresponding 5-39 combinations.

Lottery Software: Utilities, Lotto Tools, Generators

Run the best lottery software with a wide variety of utilities, statistical tools for lotto, pick lotteries, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

Socrates Apology Socrates' Defense Plato Dialogues

The trial of Socrates is the most important event in the history of mankind. The Apology or Defence of Socrates, a Dialogue by Plato.

Source Code for Software, Programs Created by Ion Saliu

Ion Saliu makes available the source code of some of his software programs. Programming language: BASIC, ready to run in PowerBasic. Source code is available to programmers.

Pick 3 Digits Ranked by Frequency, Statistics

The Pick 3 digits ranked by their frequency: from the hottest to the coldest. The statistical report is performed regardless of digit position, and position by position.

Horse-racing Trifecta Software Betting

The new horse racing betting software: PICK-Horses, the integrated betting software package for horse racing like 3 digit lotteries.

Lotto Software: 7-by-7-Number Combinations in Lotto 6-49

Presenting new lotto software applied to 6 from 49 lotto game: generate 7-number combinations in clusters of all numbers. The result is a matrix of 7 by 7 lotto sudoku-like.

Gambler's Fallacy, Reversed Gamblers Fallacy, Probability

The demise of gambler's fallacy, reversed gamblers fallacy was caused by Fundamental Formula of Gambling and Degree of Certainty, Probability, Number of Trials.

Roulette System, Threat by Casino Chairman of MGM Grand

A casino boss presented a roulette system based on two columns or dozens. He also threatened that writing roulette numbers in the casino could end in the arrest of


Analysis of lotto, lottery playing versus casino gambling. Which has better winning odds, probabilities to win: lotteries or casinos?

Lotto Strategy: 12-Number Combinations Wheeled, Played in 6-ball Games

The lotto strategy that hit the jackpot in 1986. Generate 12-number random lotto combinations, wheel and play them in lotto-6. Ion Saliu missed that lotto jackpot.

Martingale Pick-3 Lottery System: Steve Player Scams

The lottery systems, lotto systems offered by Steve Player are big-time fraud. The foundation of such a lottery system is choosing one digit in the pick-3 game.

Combination Lexicographical Order, Index of Lotto, Lottery

Presenting lottery software to generate, calculate combination lexicographical order ranks or indexes for lotto drawings files. Covers any lotto game, Powerball, Mega


Read truthful facts about Ion Saliu, a most creative creator, a fearless discoverer, his achievements, discoveries, accomplishments, challenges.

New Lotto Software, Wheels: 10-Number Combinations in 5-ball Games

Presenting a new lotto strategy applied to 5-number lotto games: Generate 10-number combinations. Convert the combinations to 5 numbers using a special 10-number

Lottery Software Tools, Lotto Wheels, Systems, Frequency, Sums

Lottery software, site of lotto programs is loaded with powerful software tools, lotto wheels, pick 3 4, Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperLotto, Euromillions.

Best Casino Gambling Systems, Strategy, Software, Search

Search on casino gambling, systems, probability, odds, mathematics; keywords, queries on software, winning casino strategy, bet.

Random Number Generators: Software in BASIC Programming

The best random number generators, including source code in the Basic programming language. Play random lotto combinations instead of paying for expensive lottery


Help for Web site of lottery software and lotto software. Learn how to download, install, run, fix great lotto, lottery, gambling, scientific software.

PROBABILITY, MATHEMATICS, Statistics, Combinatorics

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Probability Theory of Life. Most humans have always had this misconception about probability: Everything follows an order, or some divine plan.

Mega Millions Results, Drawings, Draws, History Files

How to create software data files for results (drawings, draws, past winning numbers) in the Mega Millions (Mega Ball) lotto games and other lottery games.


LottoWheeler is lotto wheeling software that converts any lotto wheel or reduced lottery system to combinations of lottery player's picks into tickets.

Lotto Wheels, Lottery Wheels on Lexicographical Indexes

The lotto software creates lottery wheels based on lexicographical order. The lotto wheels consist of balanced lexicographic indexes or ranks.

Lotto, Lottery, Balls, Memory, Probability Laws of Randomness

The lotto balls don't have memory but can be analyzed mathematically to win. The lottery balls are numbers following laws, rules of mathematics, probability.


Calculate the odds, probability to win Powerball, Mega Millions jackpots relative to amount of prize money or number of tickets sold.

Pages 101-150:  Lottery, Lotto, Blackjack, Roulette, Systems, Strategy, Software.

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