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Written by Ion Saliu on March 2, 2001

• Oops! I did it again. I feel bad about it. A few bugs slipped through the cracks into the 32-bit LotWon lotto software. The analyst extraordinaire Nik Barker had come up with some power lottery strategies of his own. In some instances, he was unable to generate any combinations. Namely, the program went blank when he enabled the maximum levels of Pot2, Pot3 (and sometimes Pot4). Normally, the software should have generated combinations. We were communicating in the mighty buggy and intrusive.

I was able to find and fix the bugs in real time. While at it, I updated the 32-bit DOS lottery software even further. I changed the inner filters to act exactly as the innate filters of “MDIEditor and Lotto WE”. That translates to better interchangeability between the two platforms (via the 'purge' options). And I added the same 'randomizing' function as in the online number generator.

I already started to email the free update to all licensed users of LotWon32 lottery and lotto software. If you are one of them and haven't received anything yet, please be patient for a day or two. Then, let me know if you still haven't received the update. Be also sure to keep your email account accommodating. The new update requires 1.2MB of free space in an email account. This has been a most serious problem. There are users who ignore to check their disk quota. If the trash bin is not empty, it counts as space in use. I can only afford to attempt emailing twice.

Lotto and lottery software attempt at deception and theft.

An Editor's Note, January of 2004 (4 WE)

Nick Kulai Barker is - actually was - the thickest mole I've ever known. He probably was fighting against me in the 90's in the newsgroups as Paracelsus (or his proxy). He is — or might be part of a group — the author(s) of the copycat software named Lotwin. Lotwin is a blatantly illegal naming after my LotWon software. He decided to pose as a friend in order to get from me ideas, formulas, algorithms, and even source code! The first thing he did was to ask me how the filters of my software were built. He was insistent on it; he got mad once when I refused in strong terms!

One cold day of 2002 he cried to me. He cried of being in a poor financial condition. He begged me for anything of help: Software, wheels, horse racing tips, casinos strategies, etc. I used to be that weak not long ago and take all humans at their face values. I no longer make such a capital mistake. He tried to access my PC remotely. Strange things happened when we were instant messaging! I was experiencing so many Internet problems at the time I was in close contact with Kulai, that I decided to disable any instant messaging applications on my system. My PC was really acting up during that period of time.

Meanwhile, Kulai did his best in public forums to plant the seed of the doubt in the minds of real and potential users of Ion Saliu's software! I banned his access to my web site in the summer of 2003. The error file of my web server would show him trying to access thousands of times, day in, and day out! Beyond maniacal behaviour! It was sickening, so I lifted the ban, including others in the same league. I call them 'my googoos'.

He is the author of the help file of MDIEditor and Lotto WE. I appreciated the English linguistic skills of his (which are for real). Most users have noticed, however, the negativity of the help file. Other users have also noticed the negativity of Kulai Parakelsus Nolotwin's so called strategies. In private, however, he would send to me really working lottery strategies, but expressly ask me NOT to publish them! He only posted his negative strategies at my web domains. He never published them in different public places. Why not in other places? Well, he didn't want many people learn about my ideas and software. Everybody knows that bad advertising is always good advertising! A very large percentage of people coming in contact with my ideas and software realize the merit and quality objectively. What idiot would have paid then hundreds (real price!) for Lot(NO)win, (lotwin, that is) when LotWon great software was available for free?!

I realise now I made a mistake when I left Kulai's help file be embedded with MDIEditor and Lotto. I simply wanted to prove that I was not afraid of negative reactions to my ideas. Yet, the responsibility of a software developer is to encourage the users, not discourage them. The developer must emphasize the positive, not the negative.

Lesson learnt well, I hope. I erased such mistakes in my life. I only repeated with two blackjack players who allegedly wanted to team up with me. They got their dirty hands on what is now known as the Super Roulette Strategy. After a few months, however, I made the gambling strategy public (it had been pirated already).

Gambling systems and software: Attempts at deception and stealing.

I updated also UPDOWN and SHUFFLE probability software. The porting to 32-bit was not error-free. The error trapping is better. The programs can handle now large files, up to the 32-bit limits.
SUMS, the sum-total program has been greatly improved. The software handles now: pick-3, pick-4, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, PowerBall '5+1', and PowerBall '6+1'. The program has a fast option: only calculates the amount of combinations that add-up to a sum-total. In addition, the program can generate the combinations and save them to file. The file naming is smarter; it uses the game type and the sum-total.

•• I noticed that I was not under hack-attack for the past week. It was for the first time in half a year or so that happened! The bastards gave up, apparently. Probably decided to do something useful with their time and bullish energy. Or maybe they were afraid not to kill themselves by self-contamination! Or maybe the long arm of the law reached some of the derailed beasts.
In any event, I decided to reopen the message board. It may or may not stay that way for long. There are still limits concerning the number of files in my domain, in addition to disk quota.
I'll let Almighty Number do the accounting for us all.

Ion Saliu

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