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MDIEditor And Lotto WE: Documentation, F1 Help, Tutorial on Strategies

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lotto Programming Science

Read a presentation of feature-rich MDIEditor and Lotto WE lottery software.

• Current version: 4.0_WE ~ Final ~ October 2006.
Follow the links and read the comprehensive manual and ebook of the latest version.
Read the official page of MDIEditor And Lotto WE:
MDIEditor Lotto WE: Tutorial, Software User Guide, Manual, Book.

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1.1) Two much requested options were added:
~ enable or disable the inner filters: a user's choice!
~ enable or disable the elimination of any number of past drawings: a user's choice!

This version 1.3 WE wipes out the crippled 0.1 WE incarnation of MDIEditor Lotto WE. Although many users appreciated the opportunity to work with a potent application, I received also complaints. For one, some users faced installation problems. But the most serious complaint was put this way: I played the temptation game. MDIEditor and Lotto 0.1 WE displayed very promising features (e.g. powerful filters) only to disable them! Perhaps I intended first to get people to order the licensed version. But my business intention had no sadistic underlying. Honestly, I forgot months ago that I wanted to sell an application, or any software, for that matter.

I made a promise a few years back. I promised I would offer free software in exchange for new ideas in lottery, lotto, gambling. To be sure, I received a lot of intentional garbage. Nonetheless, I received some worthy ideas. At one point, it became impossible to keep my promise. I would have had to spend my entire time emailing freeware! Downloading freeware from an FTP site does not affect my time.

I also wanted to remain fair to those who paid for my software. I believe a balance of fairness is still in place. Those who paid for my software already gained a head start. They will be using other programs of mine that are not freeware — and possibly will never be free. In fairness to others: Quite a few people would have paid for my software, but they will never have the financial means.

This program is very well documented now. The help facility covers every menu item. There are also several other topics in the Help menu, especially a lottery tutorial. Using MDIEditor and Lotto WE should be as easy as a breeze, bar a negligible percentage of users whom I would not be able to help no matter what I do. The one real difficulty is setting the filters (i.e. using strategies). The topic would easily fill a voluminous book.

Just following the links on this page, plus the ensuing cross referencing, copying and pasting the relevant information — and you'll end up with a large number of book-size pages! And that's the best way to use the strategy feature of this application. Copy and paste all relevant pages, then rewrite the material using your own words.

Keep in mind that there is a countless number of possible strategies; i.e. filter settings. The median of each filter could be a strategy pivot. If, for example, the median is 4, you'll notice that several of the filter values reach 3, or 4, or 5. One strategy would be setting the respective filter as follows: minimum = 4 and maximum = 5. Such a setting describes a filter value equal to 4 in the corresponding filter column of the statistical report. To set a filter between 3 and 5: minimum = 3 and maximum = 6.

Some filters, such as Ion5, can take very high values, but they can go even higher! Read carefully the tips at the end of this document.

The Stats menu leads to the modules that calculate the filter values in past draws. The routine names are self-describing: pick-3, pick-4, horse racing, lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, and Keno.

The combination generating modules can be accessed in the Digit and Lotto menus. The Digit menu generates combinations for: pick 3, pick 4, and horse racing. The Lotto menu generates combinations for: lotto-5, lotto-6, lotto-7, Powerball 5+1, Powerball 6+1, Euromillions, Keno.

Horses 3 refers to trifectas or triactors (the top three finishers). Horses 4 refers to superfectas (the top four finishers). The superfecta wager is offered rarely, and only at races with at least 9 horses. Therefore, you need to keep records for races with 9 or more horses.

It is recommended to run first the statistical functions to get a general idea of the filters. Next, run the Random combination generation routines, without setting any filter. Don't write any number in the input form; just click OK to generate Optimized Random Combinations.

It may me a good idea to uninstall all previous versions of MDIEditor and Lotto. It's one way to eliminate some potential problems (related to the Windows registry). You need to copy your data files (and lotto wheels, if you wish) to a temporary folder. Then uninstall the old installations, and finally install this version of MDIEditor Lotto WE. After the application installed successfully, move your old data files (and wheels, if applicable) to the new MDIEditor Lotto WE folder.

I noticed one problem — it could be specific to my system, though. I use several horse racing software packages, all my own creation. The packages use several .INI files. To avoid problems, I run first the randomized combinations modules, then the sequential combinations functions.

You can generate also other types of random combinations: coin tossing, dice rolling, and roulette. All such hidden combination types are available in the Lotto menu, the Odds + Random functions.

Other features are fully implemented: sorting data files, checking strategies, checking winners, and checking for duplicates in output files. The odds calculators and random generators are fully implemented, including for Powerball and horse-racing. A special horse racing 4 app was added to handle the highly paying superfecta betting. The superfectas (the top 4 finishers in order) are offered more and more at the U.S. tracks. The bet pays quite often in the 5-figure range!

The statistical modules create also the wonder grid. The wonder-grid consists of each lottery number/digit and its top pairings. For example, the wonder grid of a lotto 6/49 game consists of 49 lines. Each line starts with each lotto number, followed by its top 5 (most frequent) pairings.

The software implements a very sophisticated randomizing feature. It is very much user-specific, in addition to time specific. The random seed most probably will not repeat in a lifetime. Somebody compared the new random results with the UK lotto-6 draws. Statistically, the two types of combinations were very consistent to each other. There was even a problem: The random generating modules eliminate all jackpot-winning combinations in the data file. For example, the program will not generate lotto 6 combinations that are also present in the data file.

The program requires a data file with at least 10,000 combinations (lines). You only have a few hundred real draws available. Not to worry. The program creates simulated files as well. You'll add the real drawings to the top of the simulated data files. The program generates simulated combinations that will happen to be future jackpot winners—quite often! You will not get the jackpot winner at such moments. It is a necessary trade-off—play as few combinations as possible. The software employs other invisible filters — built-in or innate filters. They are not to be discussed. They are employed for the same purpose of working with as few combinations as possible. No one should expect winning the big one every time one runs MDIEditor Lotto WE.

You can use MDIEditor Lotto WE in conjunction with all my software that's legally installed on your system. The feature in point is Purge. You can generate combinations in the command prompt LotWon and purge the output file in MDIEditor Lotto WE — and vice versa. You can generate also combinations in a very special probability program: BellCurveGenerator.

Suffice to say for now that the combinations inside the FFG median bell come out clearly more often than combinations outside the FFG median bell. One real case: sports betting. I have been choosing randomly 5-games in the NFL. The combinations inside the FFG median bell represent less than 40% of total combinations. Still, they hit 7 out of the first 9 weeks in the NFL 2003 season! Sports-betting is not covered in MDIEditor Lotto WE. So, you can generate as many combinations as you want by running Bell Curve Generator. Then, purge the output file by using MDIEditor Lotto WE and/or command prompt LotWon.

There are still lotto wheels bundled with MDIEditor Lotto WE. You may have noticed that I have a negative opinion about the lotto wheels. Please read one of the pages on lotto wheels and also download damage-control lotto wheels or reduced lotto systems:
Lotto wheels, reduced lottery systems: balanced, randomized, free.

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• Tip

Many users view the Ion_5 filter as the key to a goldmine. They see values such as 417. They think immediately of setting Ion5 as follows:
~ minimum level = 417
~ maximum level = 418.

They run the program and get no combination at all after days and nights of continuous running! There is no bug in MDIEditor and Lotto WE. A repeating value of 417 for Ion_5 indicates an insufficient size of the data file. The 417 value is not to be relied on as far a maximum level is concerned. Most likely, Ion5 goes a lot higher. You should not use Max_Ion5=418 under these circumstances! That's why your computer doesn't generate any combination. It is very, very rare for a value of Ion5 to reach EXACTLY 417. The maximum values should be used only with very large data files. Any time you see a value higher than 100 (e.g. 417 or 1000) repeating more than a dozen times, it should raise a red flag. The D6 data file is too small (real lotto draws + SIMulated combinations).

Create a very large SIMulated data file — I recommend at least 100,000 (one hundred thousand) combinations (lines). You can use the random modules in MDIEditor Lotto or/and the DOS (command prompt) editions of LotWon lottery software. The same is valid for WHEEL_632. I created SIM files of over 200,000 lines, then I purged them. It's best to work with clean data files (that is, files without duplicate combinations). I encountered FivS and FivR values of over 100,000 (one hundred thousand). Such extreme levels of filtering have a devastating effect on the lotto odds.

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