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By Ion Saliu
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Posted on July 29, 2000; final update Notvember 2007 (paid membership required).

As much as I bashed that delusional individual who signed as “Chip Casher Gambler”, well, well… One of his statements makes sense to me now:

I do not know who “Chip Casher” is and I have not influenced him in any away whatsoever to post on my message board. It does make more sense, however, to sell gambling (lottery included) systems for higher prices to fewer users. In most other software areas, the more a company sells, the more it grows and prospers. Just think of Microsoft in this regard.

I have friends who disliked what I have done with my gambling and lottery software. One of them used to exchange extensively lottery ideas with me. In most cases, his ideas were mathematically solid. He stopped cooperating with me ever since the inception of my BBS. Other “dislikers” of my systems/software have been either sour competitors, or sour users of my software. I want to tell you about two of them. There was an old gentleman who always knew if my lottery software was available to others. He would send me a lot of questions like this: “Is your software still available? When will you release a new version?” His envelopes were annoyingly handwritten: Wavy block capitals! He would also drop a $1 bill inside the envelope sometimes! Once he even dropped a $5 bill! Who knows how much money I threw away! After a while, his wavy-addressed envelopes made me so mad that I threw them away at the post office!

Another guy, probably a competitor, used to call me from New York very frequently. Once I told him I was no longer in the lottery software business. He just said “Good!” and I have never heard from him again. If he calls me now, he meets my answering machine. I'm sure he curses me (but I curse back probably better than anybody else in this world…in several languages…) Both guys were happy, for sure, when I was quiet in the lottery software world…

I had expected quite a few visitors to this BBS would make contributions on using LotWon. As you have noticed, none has ever made a useful contribution. Probably none will ever make a useful contribution. On the other hand, I do receive, in private emails, some very, very interesting and worthy ideas in the probability area!

What would be the purpose of showing you how I would play a strategy such as PR_1 = 100 in Pennsylvania lottery? To get a lower payoff?! What would be the purpose of showing you how to play roulette in Atlantic City? To get the casinos change the rules drastically? They already scare the players who open a notebook and write down the roulette spins. Moreover, the casinos do not want to turn on the marquees (electronic displays) at quite a few roulette tables. That's because I presented a potent roulette system correlated to the Birthday Paradox (read the main roulette strategy systems software page).

The morale is one can never stop learning. You can learn even from someone you have strong reasons to believe is an idiot. Better still, don't label anybody “idiot”. Or, if you wish, each and every one of us falls in one “idiot” category or another.

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