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By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Science

New Kind of Science shows interest in lotto wheels, lottery combinations, permutations.

Posted on August 04, 2000.

In Reply to: Lotto info and skip string analysis posted by Ed Meier on August 03, 2000.

• Yes, it appears you are an amateur, indeed. Lotto wheeling is different from permutation.

Lotto means combinations: The order of the numbers does not count. A lotto combination or drawing always appears sorted, that is in ascending order.

Sets where the order DOES count are known as permutations and arrangements. The arrangements are also known as m permutation n. For example, the trifectas at horse racing, where the finishing order is very important.

You need to read everything again, thoroughly this time around. If the same ideas persist in your mind, just forget about my approach, my lottery software, and my-everything-else. As posted previously, I don't want anybody torture themselves with my gambling, lottery, or probability ideas. I am at peace with myself because the vast majority of those who use my lotto and lottery software find it helpful and useful.

Good luck!

Ion Saliu

  • Many years later, I met Ed Meier in a forum related to NKS (a New Kind of Science). It seems a religious cult more than a scientific community. I replied to a post by Ed Meier regarding… lotto games. More precisely, he was offering some (week, very week) ideas on developing software based on NKS (New Kind of Science) for the purpose of beating the lotto odds. Small world, indeed!

    The webmasters are in the (good) habit of deleting posts, messages, and threads from their forums. I have deleted I don't remember how many hundreds of posts from my message boards or forums! The administrator of the New Kind of Science forums deleted some of my posts. In case they delete those related to lotto programming and Ed Meier — I saved my messages. I put them in one page that you can read here (in a parallel window):

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