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Posts in New Kind of Science (NKS) Forums regarding lotto matters, including computer programming, combinations, permutations.

Ed Meier:

What you call 'new science' is actually old shoes! I've been in the gambling mathematics since 1988! Sorry, guys, I know scientists have big egos! That's good, if a big ego is accompanied by high self-esteem. The worst a human can do is mixing a big ego with a very low self-esteem.

You can read a lot of gambling and lottery theory at my website:

Not only that, but you can also download a lot of free software. A lot means a lot! You can get gambling software, lottery software, probability software, combinatorics software…plus some other things. All for free!

If you want to generate truly random and unique numbers (including lotto), I offer free source code for the Power Basic compiler (PBCC). It is lighting fast and works with huge arrays. Your case of 32K is a limitation of interpreters. The EXT data type in PBCC works with numbers up to 18 digits in size. The source code is here (including a compiled program that mimics the delay of lotto drawings conducted by humans):

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu,
Programmer At-Large
11-10-2006 05:43 PM

Generate sets, index (rank) the sets

You want to generate all sequences of C(N, M), or permutations N, or arrangements A (N, M), or the largest possible sets – Exponents (N, M)? My free program PermuteCombine does it easily and very quickly.

There is the reverse to it. Find the rank or index of a sequence, or generate the exact sequence for a given index. For example, the sequence #1000000 in a lotto 6/49 game is represented by the combination: 1, 9, 14, 26, 31, 37

The program that does such calculations is also free: LexicographicSets

Presentations of sets generating and indexing:

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu, Pacesetter At-Large
11-10-2006 06:09 PM

Real Simulation Software

Ed Meier et al:

I admit I had a hard time figuring out what CA stood for. First, I thought of 'computer algorithm'. I googled and I was (mis)directed to 'California', 'Canada', 'chemical associations', etc.

Using abbreviations as if complete words points to religious behavior. I can see now that NKS is more like NKR: New Kind of Religion! I hope you take it as man — or as men! It's not about gender, but about Reason…

I too use quite often an abbreviation: FFG. But I always try to start with 'Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG)'.

Finally, I decrypted your ZIP. The .java files don't run directly. Probably I need a java compiler. I don't have it and don't want one. The performance drives me nuts!

First off: CA stands for Cellular Automata. A new god, looks like!

I read the contents of your files. I am not a Java programmer, but I was able to understand your code.

What you call 'spacers' are better known as deltas. One can sort a lotto drawing in ascending order. That is what 'combination' is all about. If you work with 'drawn order', it is called 'arrangements'. I use combinations here. You can find at least 5 deltas in a lotto-6 combination. For example, a lotto drawing such as: 3, 13, 20, 24, 33, 49
can be represented by the following deltas:
10, 7, 4, 9, 16

There is a multitude of deltas possibilities. My application MDIEditor Lotto WE has a filter named Ion1. It is based on deltas, although more complex than what I presented above.

Delta is just one filter. It is never sufficient. One filter is way too little. I don't know why you think you need a supercomputer to run your algorithm! It is just one filter, bud! I have console (command prompt) software that employs lots of filters. The 5-deltas filter I told you above reaches values of over 400,000. Yes, four hundred thousand “drawings” (combinations). No, you don't have that many drawings in real life. You need to simulate lots of combinations to improve the probability of winning the lotto games. I can tell you this. That one 5-deltas filter is more complex. In 70% of the situations, no 5-deltas repeat in 400,000 combinations. So, the software can eliminate all 5-deltas possibilities. My software is compiled with Power Basic Console Compiler (PBCC). It is lightning fast. I can generate all the qualifying combinations (based on 5-deltas) in some 20 minutes. I run a 733 MHz PC — a far cry from a supercomputer! There are a few thousand qualifying combinations. Your figure — hundreds — is erroneous.

You are right in one aspect. Lottery can be analyzed as a branch of mathematics. Some say: “Lottery is random. You can't analyze it!”

But what is non-random, super crocodilule and reasonable colleague of mine? Everything is RANDOM. The Universe is random. If it is not random, it must be ordered. It must follow a Plan. A Plan requires a Planner! That would be what humans have called god(s) for millennia. God's fundamental attribute is Absolute Certainty. Mathematically, Absolute Certainty represents Absolute Absurdity. There is a formula that proves that absolute absurdity. I call it FFG: The Fundamental Formula of Gambling.

N = log(1 - DC) / log(1 – p)

where N is the numbers of trials for an event of probability p to appear with the degree of certainty DC. For example, it takes 7 coin tosses to get 'heads' with a degree of certainty equal to 99%. If you play blackjack, as your good colleague Ray Donald Pratt does, you noticed that you could lose 7 consecutive hands now and then. Ray Donald Pratt is a casino guy — yet he lost 10 hands in a row several times! I know, he won't admit it immediately! I know well the casino guys...

Some people started to call FFG the 'formula of god'. Sometimes I call FFG the 'Fundamental Formula of TheEverything'.

You can read these materials (at least):

The founder of this NKS is right about one thing, for sure. Computer software can simulate reality, real phenomena. Matter of fact, there are situations when humans would “kill” one another because of opposing ideas. Only the unbiased computer can solve the fighting. Computer software can validate or invalidate ideas better than the biased humans.

As you can see, your lotto simulation software needs a whole lot more elements, if you want just hundreds of combinations in the output.

"Bright software I write —
It turns the night into light,
Explores deeply underground,
To the square root of sound."

Ion Saliu,
C-Automatically At-Large

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Posts in New Kind of Science (NKS) Forums regarding lotto matters.

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