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The Casinos Show Their Ugly Faces When Intelligently Challenged

Casino gambling with mathematical, probability systems are prohibited by casino executives.

Posted by Shirley Ann Jennings on August 04, 2000.

In Reply to: Blackjack card counting devised by Edward Thorp is a footnote to gambling history posted by Ion Saliu on August 04, 2000.

:: SAJA:
: (Sorry, but I still believe you are Chip in travesty! I also think you came up with a soap opera. SAJA is a married woman who wants her anonymity. She is afraid that her husband may turn violent if he finds out that she is the admirer of another man, Chip. Chip is also a friend of the family. They all attend Thorp's card-counting seminaries and lose tons of money in Atlantic City.)

: : Thorp constructed his highly successful ten-count system, with which he won many thousands of dollars from the casinos at blackjack. They retaliated with a series of countermeasures designed to thwart the "Counters", the disciples who read Thorp's bestselling "Beat the Dealer" and tried their own luck with his system. There are still some professional Counters around today, although the casinos are wise to the danger and bar any player they suspect is counting. : :


I see you have now eliminated my prior messages, as well as John's reply to them. As you also again choose to ignore documented data with which you see fit not to agree. As you also have decided to get personal with remarks about my family, it is evident that you enjoy displaying obviously limited mental capacity. My husband was very amused by your immaturity. I noticed that you formerly accused a Marc from France, who posted here, of another ridiculous paranoid problem you possess. I am wondering what example you set to the daughter to whom you have referred on another part of your site. As a mother of two wonderful children, and an RN, I empathize with her and pity your insecurity. As I am aware that you will censor this soon, I can only wish anyone that has any dealings with you a pleasant time. Seek some therapeutic help Ion, you need it.


casinos show ugly faces counteract intelligently challenged by mathematical gamblers.

PS -- Ion Saliu
Chip stole money from New York children he was supposed to tutor at home. He always lost his money to the casinos, gambling on baccarat! Then, he wanted more money, threatening the parents with his Italian American name (Mafia conveying message, yea know!)

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