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Blackjack card counting, counting cards with Ken Uston, Edward Thorp book 'Beat the dealer'.

Posted by Mr. T ("Chip") on August 15, 2000; later updates.

Blackjack card counting system by Ken Uston does NOT work: it is a legend, not gambling mathematics.

A Note by Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics, The Best Blackjack Player Ever

Axiomatic one, blackjack card counting as devised by Edward O. Thorp is a footnote to gambling history now. It offered a slight advantage in one-deck games, one player against the dealer only, and mostly towards the end of the card deck. Ideally, a player could destroy the blackjack game IF knowing the composition of the deck AND the sequence of the remaining cards in the deck.

The latter part is the real problem: Nobody will ever be able to know the sequence of the remaining cards in the deck. Suppose there are just 6 distinct cards remaining. Total possible sequences: 6! = 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 = 720.

John Scarne put jokingly the advantage of card counting. Suppose there is a one-deck blackjack game with 100% penetration (i.e. all cards are dealt). The player tracked the entire deck absolutely precisely. There are 5 cards remaining in the deck: 3 eights and 2 sevens. The player would bet the maximum immediately (actually, millions if it were possible!)

There is NO way the player could lose. The player would always stay on two cards (it doesn't matter if it is 7+7, or 7+8, or 8+8). On the other hand, the dealer would always bust. It doesn't matter: 7+7 (under 17); draws an 8 and busts. Or, 8+8 (still under 17); draws a 7 and busts. Or, 7+8 = 15 (under 17); either 7 or 8 as the third card would bust the dealer's hand!

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Ken Uston was a casino mole, spokesperson; Ion Saliu is the best blackjack player in history.

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Edward Thorp tried to write blackjack math via card counting, counting cards, applied by Ken Uston.


Read an analysis of card counting at casino blackjack, the legend of Ken Uston, not the best player.

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Ken Uston was a legend of blackjack, even though he appeared on CBS 60 Minutes – it was a script.