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Lottery Game Format Changes Require New Data Files from Scratch

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lotto Mathematics

Ohio State Lottery Commission changed their lotto game to higher odds with 49 numbers.

Posted on September 08, 2000.

In Reply to: Ohio Lottery changed from a pool of 47 lotto numbers to one of 49 posted by Josh on September 05, 2000.

: Hello everyone! I'm kind of a beginner at Lottery Analysis but I find it very interesting so excuse me for asking such a simple question. I keep an eye on the statistics for the Ohio Lottery but they changed from a pool of 47 numbers to one of 49 in July of this year. I had a large history for the Ohio Lottery and was wondering if I can only use the newer drawings where the drawings were from the 49 numbers or if I should use the whole history? Any help would be appreciated.

: Thanks,
: Josh

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Ohio state lottery lotto game format changed.

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