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Roulette system, strategy applied to stock trading, brokerage

Roulette system, strategy applied to stock trading, brokerage.

Posted by Ion Saliu on October 07, 2000.

Lutz, I do appreciate your message. I want to stress, however that I have not solicited you or anyone else to post favorably on my strategies or software. Nor do I solicit negative posting! You asked for my permission to express your thoughts on my real roulette strategy. I accepted and I accept also negative opinions, truthful or hateful. The main requirement is copyright related. Those who are licensed to use my roulette gambling strategy sign, among other provisions, a non-disclosure agreement. Therefore, nobody is free to present to others my strategy, in its entirety or in part. A licensee may not present how the system works. It is a legal matter and you, Lutz, kiddo, complied with it.

I know you are also interested in trading. You treat trading as a gambling matter. Indeed, it is. My roulette strategy is not aimed at trading, however. There are similarities but the detailed strategies must differ. Trading is less random at times. Trading goes through psychological moments, whereas there is no psychology involved in gambling. Like they say, “the roulette wheel has no memory”! Their point is misdirected, incidentally. My point is that players cannot influence in any way the roulette wheel, the dealer, the deck of cards, etc. In trading, some players can greatly influence the outcome. I see frequently on TV how big brokerage firms, or financial analysts cause significant falling or elevating of stocks. “A strong buy! A hold! Sell!” Certainly, the statements have an economic basis, but not 100%. Less ethical, in my opinion, is the practice of individual stock managers. They publicly push stocks they invested in. You can see them on TV praising certain stocks. It is more like wishful thinking. They expect the public to buy into their opinions. I would not be surprised if the same managers sold the stocks they praise as soon as the price increased! Smart gambling!

Successful trading, in my book, starts with a minimum of one million dollars. Smart “betting” is required along the way.

If the above ‘fund” is lacking, then trading should be replaced by “gambling on stock movements”. There are some gambling facilities that offer betting on how the stocks will move: Up or down, possibly point spread as well. Such approach can work best for individual stocks that are risky for the long term. Let’s take, as an example, Microsoft. Before the anti-trust suit, the stock was worth something like $129 per share. It is now around $60. The stock moves now, very slowly, up or down. That’s when a “betting” strategy based on my approach can be very successful.


I certainly receive my share of emails, ignoring the junk email. There are many questions. Every question strongly requests my answer. I do respond sometimes. The main restriction is time. There is no time and nobody else has the time to respond to every email, or phone call, or letter. When I respond, it means I have a little more time. My response is also the result of my replying criteria. That’s entirely my business. The criteria are based on the ratio between pro-action and reaction.

It is absolutely normal for a person to expect a personal response. If a reply does not arrive, it means there is no time or need to reply. Sometimes the same person insists on a personal answer. It means one considers being the only person in the world, the only one with a request. That’s when one has a psychological problem, in my opinion. If one insists, sending one or, much worse, more additional requests, one has a serious psychological problem. If one hates me for ignoring the messages, one has a very serious psychological problem. It is more dangerous than advanced narcissism.

I try my best to respond globally, as I am doing now.

I have received propositions regarding the license fee of my real roulette strategy. I haven’t set the license fee yet. As of this writing, the proposed amounts go from $1000 to $2000. A $5000 would be possible if proving winning over one week period, live, in a real casino. Guaranteed to prove that, as far as I am concerned.

I cannot offer any extra information of the “free” or "Multi Play" roulette systems presented on the roulette page. When something changes, I will present all the facts on the "What’s New" page, or the “Message Board”, and/or other places at this website.


Quite a few questions refer to unusual lottery games. Unusual is a relative term. It covers games other than lotto-6, lotto-5, lotto-7, pick-3, pick-4, horse racing. Those are the games my lottery software has covered. My lottery software has always responded to my interests first. The lottery commissions come up with all kinds of games lately. I think it is, among other reasons, to overcome the influence played by lottery software. No individual programmer, no company, will be able to keep up with all the games the lottery commissions come up with. What can I say? Learn computer programming. It is the fastest way to take on a new lottery game. The BASIC programming language is the easiest to learn. It turns out programs the fastest.

Right now, I do not offer free lottery software anymore. I am way overextended. Even if I wanted to offer lottery software for a fee, I would need bigger resources. Only a lottery software company would be suited for such a major task (programming, marketing, support).

Patenting my software is another important goal in my mind these days. Financial obstacles, again….

Ion Saliu
If I delete messages sometimes, it has nothing to do with critique. I delete messages that serve no useful purposes; messages that make this page harder to navigate. Second, I don't want this message board become a psychological dump. Although, I admit it, we need some degree of craziness now and then. I owe part of my lottery software and gambling systems to others' hostility towards me. I think the computing beasts perform better within some margins of hostility. The optimal stress, they might call it. But I will not accept messages that keep cursing me for ever and express nothing else.

Some think I enjoy this kind of bickering. Is it theatrical? Think what you want and enjoy what you want. We only must not go for the jugular. Otherwise, as Aristotle put it, the humans are the worst of the animals, especially when they go for the jugular. I started the loop with Lutz, it is fitting to end it with Lutz as well. He “positived” me, then he "negatived" me. Judging selfishly Ion Saliu's roulette system to halt it. Then he came back to “positiving” me once more. As they say in German: "C'est la vie!"


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The same roulette gambler would turn hostile towards Ion, because he wanted the roulette gambling system for himself.

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A German casino gambler wants to apply Roulette Super Systems to stock trading, brokering.