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Legal issues of team programming lottery software, lotto software

There are serious legal issues when considering team programming in the field of lottery software, lotto software, and gambling software.

Posted by Ion Saliu on December 26, 2000.

In Reply to: Powerball lottery discovery: Need for algorithm, software, cooperation posted by Karl Malmberg (Klitser) on December 22, 2000.

: Ion:

: A while back I did some serious non-linear analysis of powerball lottery data when I had nothing better to do. I found some rather curious phenomena therein that one may be able, in conjunction with your programs and/or expertise, to lower the odds in one's favor--perhaps significantly. I propose an information exchange if this is indeed the case. For basically I accidentally found a perfect correlation of numbers 1-5 with a another non-related output value. Since probabilities are in the 80 million area, one would have to have an independent variable that would be accurate to at least the millionth's decimal point and/or be able via an accurate enough prefiltering process to eliminate combinations that are impossible.


I have thought seriously about your ideas. You sent me a private email a while ago. I also read your post at on lottery software. (There was a referring link to my website.) The main reason of my hesitation has to do with legal issues. I believe I created my lottery software and gambling strategies through my own effort. On the other hand, we live interactively in this world. So, I will be the first one to admit that I have benefited from interaction, even if nobody has given me direct ideas to incorporate in my creation. Interaction is a state of mind: It keeps one’s mind focused on specific topics. I posted previously how beneficial my correspondence with John Civitan was in 1996-1997. I also praised G.W. “BigJer” Funk for a new perspective. (I must express also frustration that BigJer uses cryptology to communicate with me. Maybe he’s right; one shouldn’t be to clear when presenting new ideas!) I also recognize the value of your ideas: They have a foundation.

Now, here is part of the complication. I will not give a hint on your ideas in a public forum, as per your request. But what if I have been working on something similar? I only offer this hint. Let’s take the pick-3 lottery data file, the first digit, 100 drawings. If you add up the digits in the first column, the sum-total would probably be around 500. It was, for example, 503 for the last drawing, 498 the drawing before, 496 the drawing before, 507 before that, etc. Can we predict the sum-total of the first digit for the next drawing? See what I am saying? We can reach situations where the “You stole my idea” issue arises.

I can only think of a very clearly defined legal framework for me to work in a lottery software team. It should be clearly stated what every team member brings to the table. I can only say I have tons and tons of ideas, and principles, and algorithms not even talked about in my lottery software. It is difficult to even imagine how I would be able to work in a software team without giving up a ton of copyrights. I know, programming can be modular, component- based. I would have my black-boxed components, you could write your locked components, others would write the interfaces, etc. It is a very delicate matter. How do you see it?

Ion Saliu

Legal issues of team programming lottery software, lotto software.

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