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Prognostication for the Italian Soccer (Totocalcio), Serie A ~
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By Ion Saliu, Founder of Sports Betting Mathematics

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Authored on January 06, 2001 — and later.

The prognostication outcomes 1, X, 2 are percentages.

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Prognostication for the Italian soccer, Serie A, for January 7, 2001 (giornata 13)

Home1	Visitor2  1       X       2    Goals1  Goals2 Progno

Atalanta Roma	 33.33	25.00	41.67	1.08	1.33	X2
Bologna Brescia  58.33	25.00	16.67	1.50	1.00	1	
Juventus Fiore	 36.36	45.45	18.18	1.27	1.09	1X	
Lazio	Napoli	 54.55	36.36	9.09	1.55	0.64	1	
Lecce	Verona	 36.36	45.45	18.18	1.45	1.36	X	
Milan	Inter	 50.00	33.33	16.67	1.83	1.00	1X2 *	
Parma	Reggina	 83.34	8.33	8.33	2.25	0.67	1	
Perugia	Udinese	 45.45	36.36	18.18	1.64	1.09	1X	
Vicenza	Bari	 50.00	30.00	20.00	1.60	1.10	1

* Milan and Inter are from the same city: Milano. Both teams play at home. I selected 1X2 for that reason. In addition, Inter has shown clear unpredictability. I call it surprise-ability or surprisability. It is the main feature of the Italian teams. That's why the Italian calcio is so hard to predict. Some of the teams have a high level of surprise-ability. I keep also records of the surprise-ability factor.

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Totocalcio, toto calcio, 1X2, probabilita, risultati.


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