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The Admirer and The Critic are playing games (lottery, casino, soccer…)

By Ion Saliu, Self-Admiring Critic At-Large

The Admirer and The Critic play games, gamble - lotto, lottery, casino.

Posted by Ion Saliu on February 10, 2001.

In Reply to: Admirers and Critics posted by Karl Malmberg (Klitser) on February 06, 2001.

You say “…some of your admirers”. I am not interested in “admirers”. My goal is not to attract admirers. As a matter of fact, I feel very uncomfortable when I am praised. I feel a lot better and stronger in an adversarial environment. I detest nicety parties; I’d prefer to practice in a court of law and “smash” the opposing side.

The only admirer I accept is myself. And the critic whose opinions count most is still my self. The universal unity of two opposites rules the human mind as well. There is one mental program consisting of two routines or subprograms. We can name one The Admirer and the other one The Critic. One is one’s best admirer and one’s loudest critic. Then, the two main programs are divided into several subprograms.

It is well known the expression “his/her worst enemy”. That’s because there is one subroutine in “The Critic” program playing sometimes an unacceptably strong role. There is yet another subroutine in “The Critic” I call “The Trickster”. We all have moments when a voice inside opposes some action it would be better we take. “The Trickster” is our own nay-sayer, the universal skeptic. I remember when I started LotWon I experienced a force inside opposing my programming efforts. The voice was saying “It’s impossible! Give it up!” At the same time, “The Admirer” sent its own strong message: “The effort is worthwhile and possible to master!” Fact is, during that period I played the lottery applying the “opinions” of both “The Critic” and “The Admirer”. Say, I generated a set of lotto combinations.

The critic said “the combinations will not hit”. OK, then I will mark them as combinations to be eliminated in a larger lottery data file! I did so a few times. I came up with a set of combinations I considered non-winners. I purged them (using the “Purge” P feature in the pick-3). I applied that a couple of times with the “Any” filter in my pick-3 software. I won twice in a row. This is one of the new directions in my software. Consider that it is more likely to lose than to win the very first tries. So, eliminate those combinations you think would be winners…

Speaking of lottery software, I understand you only use “MDIEditor and Lotto” because you detest DOS. I can’t help, but my DOS lottery software is far more powerful and capable than “MDIEditor and Lotto”. I recommend you use more often DOS LotWon lotto, lottery software. You also prefer fewer filters. Use the UTIL-6 for the statistical reports. Look at the new file PAIRS6, listing all the pairs and their frequencies. The software I am using now generates automatically the LEAST6 file based on the fundamental gambling formula. (Nothing is available now for sale or otherwise.) You can create manually the LEAST6 file, using ALL the worst pairings for a lotto game.

Let’s use as an example a lotto 6/49 game. Each lotto number has an average of 6 least pairings. The least-pairings came out 0 times in the last 100 lottery drawings. Why should we play them? Here is the rating power of just one least-pairing. The pair, obviously, consists of 2 numbers. There are 49-2=47 numbers left. They will be broken down in combinations of 4 numbers. C(47,4) = 178,365 combinations. If lotto number 1 has 6 least-pairings, they will eliminate exactly 1,070,190 combinations. After that, some pairings will overlap. Otherwise, 49 worst-pairings would eliminate some 50 million combinations, but the game only has some 13 million combinations! In any event, the least-pairings feature eliminates all but relatively few combinations. It is a very, very powerful filter. A few wise guys out there surely take advantage of it.

There is another most powerful feature that a few wise guys take advantage of. It is the skips feature in UTIL-6. I presented part of this feature on the “Winning Lottery Strategy” page (LottoWin.htm). I showed that that in over 50% of the cases, the lotto numbers repeat after a number of drawings less than or equal to the median. The strategy can be improved by applying the standard deviation. I let you do the job. Just look at the median and the neighboring skips, 2-3 up and 2-3 down, or so. Aren’t they more frequent than 50%? We can select to play only lotto numbers with skips of, say, 5, 6, 7, etc. I am sure you get the point...

Good luck!

Ion Saliu

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