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Primer on Winning Pick-3, Pick 4, Digit Lotteries with the Best Lottery Strategy, Software

By Ion Saliu,
Programmer of Lotto, Lottery Software, Founder of Pick Lottery Mathematics

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Written on September 3, 2002 — later software updates and upgrades.

• Consider this your start on the way to win consistently any pick-3, pick 4, digit lottery games. There are many Internet searches on pick-3, pick 4, digit lotteries: win at pick-3, pick 4, digit lottery, winning pick-3, digit lottery systems, winning pick-3, pick 4, digit lottery strategy, best lotto pick-3, pick 4, digit lottery software, etc.

Lotto and lottery are very complex phenomena ruled by theory of probability. This Web site offers plenty of information on theory of probability, theory of games, and gambling mathematics. Nothing comes even close to this website. Mathematics of pick-3, pick 4, digit lottery is extensively analyzed here. The cornerstone is The Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). It is a mathematical fact that every pick-3, pick 4, digit lottery number has a repeat cycle based on FFG. For example, in 51% of the wins, an individual pick-3 digit repeats after 3 draws.

Remember, this is just a primer — a nutshell introduction. Look at the end of this page. The pick-3 digit 9 recorded 960 hits in 3604 draws (the Pennsylvania Daily Number lottery game). More than half of its repeats were under 3 draws. The probability median calculated by FFG is exactly 3. This represents one simple, the simplest winning system at pick-3. Look at this simple but undeniable pick3 idea. You only look at the last 3 draws in your pick-3 draw history file. You choose at random any 3 unique numbers. The winning probability increases almost 5 times. (0.51 / 3) ^ 3 = 0.0049 or 1 in 204. The main lotto and lottery strategy page offers several winning systems, all free, all more powerful than this simple idea. There are also many pages at this site that deal with winning pick-3, pick 4, digit lottery systems, strategies, filters, and the like.

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The end of this page shows the links to follow. Please check the Web pages of this site dedicated to pick-3, pick 4 digit lottery winning strategies. Things change dramatically at times, especially after the year of grace 2007. I offer several free systems and tons of lottery software to play and win. The list of my lotto and lottery software is so long, that I can't afford to put it on this startup page. Check the software download site for all that you can run for free forever - after paid membership (a reasonable fee for the lifetime of this website). Dare to compare to any other lottery software developer/vendor!

       Digit: 9

ANY Position:  6  1  1  2  1  3  1  2  2  8  2  1  3 . . .
Sorted Skips:  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  . . .
* Median Skip Any:  3
* Total Hits:  960  =  27%

    * Average FFG Median:  5
    * Median of Skip Medians:  3

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