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Is There Lotto Software or Systems for Thunderball in UK Lottery?

Lotto Software or Systems for Thunderball in UK National Lottery?

Posted by Nik Barker on April 14, 2001.

In Reply to: Randomness, Degree of Randomness, Absolute Certainty, True Random Numbers posted by Ion Saliu on April 14, 2001.

I didn't expect a reply, that's nice! I was just making an observation. It's even better because I am currently creating the first ASCII file for previous draws for the UK National Lottery (which is quite tedious) so it's good to have a distraction from the tedium!!! By the way, in the UK we also have a Thunderball draw (maybe similar to your Powerball? I don't know) whereby we pick 5/34 AND 1/14, but to win the jackpot (which is GUARANTEED 250,000 - approx US$ 350,000) you must get the 1st 5/34 PLUS the Thunder Ball (1/14) do you currently have any software or systems that can work with that lotto games? Really enjoy the site, best of luck to you.


Thunderball, Thunder Ball is like Powerball, Mega Millions lotto games in the U.S.

The most powerful software capable of handling the Thunderball is known to the world as MDIEditor and Lotto WE. It has specific functions that crunch Thunderball-type of lotto: '5+1'. The '5+1' is the most common type of ThunderBall lotto. The application uses the term Powerball for this type of games. The Powerball function in MDIEditor and Lotto works with Powerball, Millions, Thunderball, California SuperLotto, etc. It does not cover Euromillions, however (a '5+2' specific function in the Lotto menu).

Not to mention, MDIEditor Lotto WE is free to run for registered members!


Get software for ThunderBall, lotto game played in U.K. national Lottery.

This site offers also the best, bar none, Powerball random numbers generator and odds calculator. The engines are online ActiveX controls you can run at any time freely, of course! Not to mention that the Powerball-type of lotto combinations are optimized. You won't find such feature anywhere else, in any lottery software.

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