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The Source Code Lotwon Lottery Software, Lotto Software Is Worth Millions of Dollars!

By Ion Saliu, Lottery Programmer At-Large

The source code of LotWon, Ion Saliu's lottery lotto software is worth millions $, is priceless.

Authored on May 13, 2001; later updates.

In Reply to: Lottery software programming assistance posted by John WF Sullivan on May 13, 2001.

• I offer part of my lottery software for free. Indeed, the software is free to run for an unlimited time. Only downloading requires a most reasonable registration fee. It is a one-time payment for permanent membership. You can generate lotto-5, lotto-6, and lotto-7 combinations in the manner described in your post. The programs in that software category have ASCEND in their file names. They do not generate each and every combination because they use built-in filters. An example of a built-in lottery filter: the combinations generated are not all-even or all-odd; i.e. they are a mix of both odd and even numbers.

My lotto and lottery software has been greatly upgraded. At the time of this writing, the best lottery software for the pick-3 lotteries is undoubtedly Bright3. Don't play the daily-3 lottery games without it! Just look at the main menu (in a total of 4):

The best lottery software for pick3 or daily lotteries is Bright-3.

At the time of this writing, the best lotto software for 6-number lotto is undoubtedly Bright6. Don't play the lotto-6 games without it! Just look at the main menu (in a total of 4):

The best lottery software for lotto software for 6-number lotto games is Bright-6.

The source code of my lotto software is NOT free, however. It is virtually unavailable, since it is not meant for personal use. Only lottery software developers would want to see the source code of my software. That would be an expensive proposition, with a complex licensing scheme. I offered you a clue: my software makes extensive use of filters, and looping, and logical checking, and deductive assuming, etc.

Of course, if others are willing to share their programming experiences, they are welcome to post here. But I doubt anyone who experienced the big headaches of lottery programming would want to offer for free the fruit of their pain. Honestly, I would be out of my minds to hand out the source code of my lotto software to anybody, including family! At the same time, I think it is crazy for a person to believe that a programmer would reveal the source code of software of highly rare quality! It is pathetic begging! Maybe if I win big, really BIG, I will publish a book describing my lotto strategies. A disk with the source code of my lottery software will accompany the book. Until then, there is no way I will give up to the dozens of requests to reveal the source code of my software. I simply consider them all crazy beggars — period.

Lottery lotto software developers, authors want the source code of Ion's software.

• An obsessive type of request pertains to the ION filters in MDIEditor and Lotto, as well as some filters in LotWon DOS lottery software. How are the filters built? What do the filters mean? What are the formulas and algorithms that create the lotto filters? What's all the buzz about, crocodilulé?

The most comprehensive lotto software also works with Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions games.

The filters in my lotto and lottery software represent complex mathematics. Also, I change the filters quite often, not to mention that I even replace some filters from time to time. Could I ever be able to keep every user up to date with the meaning of every filter in my lotto, lottery programs? I, the author, forget sometimes what that particular lottery filter, or that particular filter represents. Yet, I do not need to know in order to create a lottery strategy.

Trying to understand what each filter does complicates my software unnecessarily. The lottery filters are better understood if the source code is revealed and the user is a programmer as well. Now, we got to the heart of the matter, kokodrilo! Only lottery/lotto/software developers want to know all about the filters. They want to incorporate similar features in their software.

That is, they want to steal my ideas; and, then, the pathetic beggars want to thumb their ugly noses at me! They are the ones who ask so insistently that I explain to them how the lottery filters are built. They still won't be fully satisfied: They want the source code of my lotto software, with very clear comments! Regular (normal!) users of LotWon lotto lottery software and MDIEditor and Lotto do NOT need to know how the filters are built.

As of giving away the source code of my lotto lottery software: I see NO virtue in such a Samaritan act. What's good in creating copycats of my software? Just to help a bunch of big-ego guys replace my copyright notice with theirs? That ain't progress — and I am not crazy! End of story.

The source code of LotWon, Ion Saliu's lottery lotto software is worth millions.

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The source code of LotWon lottery lotto software is NOT available to any beggar.


Pirate the source code of lotto and lottery software.

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