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BELLBET and HORSES horseracing software for Preakness 2001

Horse racing software system, systems at Preakness Stakes.

Posted by Ion Saliu on May 19, 2001.

• There are a few hours left until Preakness 2001 starts. I ran BELLBET and HORSES (with mandatory combinations of favorites and eliminating combinations of long shots). Unfortunately, I didn’t have a history of the Preakness by post numbers (same problem I had for the Kentucky Derby). The chances are slim I’ll ever find the history of the Triple Crown races by post position (or, at least, by program number). My horse racing software is best to use in regular horse races.

Don’t expect to win at each race! Of course, a computer is a must. The ideal situation is to play online. There is a legalized online betting facility in the U.S. (check the FFA Links page). In one window, you have the “YouBet” website. In other windows, you have LotWon-Horses running for the tracks you selected. Always keep data fresh. The simplest method is to keep records by program number (the betting numbers). You don’t have to convert from post-position to program number (in races with scratches).

These are the predictions of my software for Preakness 2001 (by post numbers):


Five boxed trifectas @ $1 = $30.
Five to win on each 1st horse in the trifectas @ $10 = $50.

Hopefully, I’ll cheer at the end of the race:
Victoire de Stratégie Logiciel gratuit!

I love how my web pages are translated in other languages! The results are sometimes amusing. But I commend the efforts to translate web pages from one language to another. The progress is quite impressive, compared to just two years ago.
Here are some referring horse racing links I saw today in the log file:

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Good luck, bonne chance, noroc, mucha suerte, etc!

Ion Saliu

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Horse racing software system, systems at Preakness Stakes.


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