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Posted on May 21, 2001.

In Reply to: • How to learn horse racing betting, systems posted by Klitser M on May 20, 2001.

: Ion:

: If one wished to educate themselves on sports and/or horse race betting analysis are there any texts you'd recommend for picking good independent variables?

I gather, your question refers to horse racing per se. I have in mind two websites with good info: and = Daily Racing Form.

Also, the tracks offer the so-called "program selections" and the "current odds". Usually, I want at least one of the “top five” (by betting rank) be among the 3-number combinations generated. At the same time, I do not want more than one of the “bottom three or four or five” horses appear in my trifectas. There are situations (rare, indeed) when trifectas pay huge money. In those cases, one or two long shots appear in the top three finishers. So, from time to time, I generate combinations that must have one or two long shots. Santa Anita is notorious for gigantic trifectas!

Of course, there are gambling "tricks" I keep to myself...

I didn't have a history of the Preakness by post numbers (same problem I had for the Kentucky Derby). The chances are slim I'll ever find the history of the Triple Crown races by post position (or, at least, by program number). My horse racing software is best to use in regular horse races. Don't expect to win at each race! Of course, a computer is a must.

The ideal situation is to play online. There is a legalized online betting facility in the U.S. (check the FFA Links page). In one window, you have the “YouBet” website. In other windows, you have LotWon-Horses running for the tracks you selected. Always keep data fresh. The simplest method is to keep records by program number (the betting numbers). You don't have to convert from postposition to program number (in races with scratches).

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