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Authored by Ion Saliu on June 9, 2008.

The software packages known Bright have been nicely updated and handsomely improved. There are five Bright software integrated packages to date. The collections cover pick-3 and pick-4 lotteries, horse racing, 5 and 6-number lotto games. The filenames are indicative of the game: Bright3, Bright4, BrightH, Bright5, Bright6.

Bright is the name for the most powerful software for lotto, lottery, horse racing, gambling, mathematics, science.

A power-user of the lotto-5 Bright-5 discovered an error in the purge function of the randomized lotto combination generator. The error was also present in the wheeling combination generator. The bug was not present in the lexicographic lotto-5 combination generator. It was not present in any of the Bright 6 lotto-6 software.

I discovered the error and I fixed it reasonably quickly. I also sent a working copy of the fix to the honest user of my lottery software. He tested the programs and did not experience the old purge problem. He has not encountered any other problem in the Bright software package.

I corrected the purge error only in randomized program. I removed the purging function in the lotto wheel program. Purging could not work properly with lotto wheels. There are two other software utilities that perform perfect purging in lottery wheeling. One of them is the D Duplicates: Strip, Wheel in Util 632. That program was superseded by a greatly improved package of lottery utility software: Super Utilities (main menu of Bright software packages). The other addition is a standalone program named WheelIn. Both can take lotto wheels saved to files and purge them according to minimal coverage conditions; e.g. 2 of 5 or 4 of 5.

The best horse racing software has powerful programs to generate winning trifectas, straight and boxed.

By the way, the wheeling feature in the digit and horse racing packages were not 100% precise, especially for boxed. The wheel-in routines function now accurately for both the straight and box types of lottery wheels.

The best horse racing software programs can also wheel trifectas in lotto-like horse wheels.

I got great news for you! I included also a powerful program: SkipDecaFreq. Some features were incorporated in the old Skip Decades: The lotto or lottery decades and the proprietary skips. Skip Decades Frequency adds one more powerful filter: Lottery numbers grouped by frequency.

The previous version of Bright H3 (software for horse racing) had the program (I improved it some in this latest collection). The older version listed the application as Skips, Decades. It reads in the latest incarnation: Skip, Decades, Frequency.

Members of my message board and I have written extensively on the topic of lotto decades and frequency of lottery numbers. There is also source code to generate lotto combinations from 3 groups of numbers based on frequency (from hot to cold!) The following is a deep presentation of lotto frequency and lottery software to generate combinations from groups of numbers:
Lottery Strategy, Systems Based On Number Frequency.

A special feature in SkipDecaFreq is the inclusion of the inner filters in the strategy-checking program. The strategy report shows if the inner filters were enabled or disabled. The user can see a difference in the number of hits or no difference at all. Of course, when enabled, the inner filters eliminate in the neighborhood of one third of the combinations.

This program has a lot of power! You generate first the reports for lotto decades, frequency, and skips. You analyze the reports as in LotWon or MDIEditor Lotto WE. A strategy is based, as in other lottery software packages of mine, on filter settings. You only need to enable just a small percentage of the filters.

The filters based on the lotto skips are also very powerful. They are calculated as in any position and position by position. There is much more, like filters based on increase or decrease of the lotto numbers in a drawing compared to the previous drawing. You only need to hit the jackpot once! So, don't be tempted to set very tight filters to generate very few combinations and expect to win the lotto jackpot very often!

The only lottery software that enables dynamic filters to reduce combinations to play and pay.

Please be judicious with your membership. You are the only individual entitled to download all my software during your membership period. Security features track the IP addresses of every member. Different IP numbers trigger warnings and cancellation of membership. It is the LAW.

Software programs create perfect lottery wheeling for lotto wheels.

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Get source code to generate lotto combinations from 3 groups of numbers.