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PICKH32: First-Time Integrated Horse-Racing Software

By Ion Saliu, Horse Backer At-Large

The Best Horse-racing 4 software ever - Super Horse-racing lotto.

Authored by Ion Saliu on August 18, 2007.

PICKH32 - Integrated Horse Racing Trifecta Software.

This horse racing package is very similar to PICK332, the integrated pick-3 betting software package. If you used it, you'll be right at home with PICKH32. PICK332 is a significant upgrade to the 16-bit LotWonH, also an integrated horseracing software package.

First, you need to download PICKH32 from the main software downloads site. All newcomers must go there first to read all necessary information. PICKH32 belongs to software category 5.3. PICKH32 is a compressed, self-extracting file; 1.1 MB in size.

Here is the main menu:

The best horse racing software has powerful programs to generate winning trifectas.

The downloading is easy, but the installation might be a little tricky. The INSTALL.BAT file was designed for Windows 95/98. The best method is to go to the command prompt (Win 2000 and later). Create a directory (folder); e.g. C:\PICKH32. You can do that in Windows Explorer as well. Download PICKH32 to C:\PICKH32. Click on PICKH32 to decompress the file automatically. Read the README.TXT file. For the best results, work at the command prompt in C:\PICKH32. Type H to start.

Start by creating a horse racing betting data file (name it something like DATA-h). There is a data-h file on disk. It has real horseracing results from several tracks across USA and Canada. The sample file is perfect, as far as the format requirements are concerned. My betting software requires that the data (results) files for the horse racing game have exactly 3 numbers on each line; the horse numbers are separated by blank space(s) or commas. In most cases, the horse numbers represent the post positions. In other cases, the horses are given random numbers.

The programs in PICKH32 require horse racing data files of at least 130,000 (one hundred thirty thousand) lines. Of course, you don't have that many real drawings in a horse racing betting game. So, you create an additional file of randomly generated horse racing combinations. The additional file is usually named SIM-H and is created in seconds by the 'Utilities' function (application name: Util-H32). The 'Utilities' function also creates the DH file: The final file used by the report generator and the horse racing combination generators.

Next, you need create the reports: The WH files. Function name: 'Generate WH Reports' (press function key F3; program name: SUPER-H32). You analyze the WH reports in order to establish filters for future drawings. This represents the biggest headache for yours truly. People want gazillions of details on how to select the filters (creating the strategies). I would need to live one hundred lives to satisfy just one user of my horseracing or lottery software! I can only advise: READ, READ, AND THEN READ SOME MORE! There is a lot of information right here, at this website.

When you came up with a strategy (a group of filter settings), you can check how that particular strategy fared in the past. That is, you can see how many times the strategy had hit in previous drawings. Your strategy checking is more successful if you generate the WH reports for 1000 horse races (named drawings in the lottery software). Press the F4 function key to run the 'Strategy Checking' function (program name: STRATH32).

You use the strategy to generate horse racing combinations. You can generate combinations even without checking for strategies first. You just type the filter values at the screen prompts. The function key F6 is the key to 'Generate Straight Combos'. Program name: POWER-H32.

You can also generate boxed horse racing combinations. The function key F11 starts 'Generate Boxed Combos'. Application name: WheelInH. This function also performs wheeling for horse racing trifectas. The wheels guarantees range from '1 of 3' to '3 of 3', both straight and boxed. You ain't seen anything quite like it anywhere else.

My secret. I found a very useful form of strategizing: Reverse strategy. I look at those filter settings in the W report files that show skips above the median. The chance is very good the strategies won't hit the next draw. So, I add them to the LIE files. The LIE files contain combinations with unlikely probability to hit. Well, everything is turned upside down that's why I named this method 'reverse strategy'.

I wrote in more detail about 'reverse strategy':

Lotto, Lottery Strategy in Reverse: Not-to-Win Leads to Not-to-Lose.

You will be up and running with these powerful programs in a short time. Then, you will and will need spend time on looking for strategies. You must start with this mindset: I am the only one who can find good strategies for myself. After a while, you'll realize it is pretty stupid to share your strategies with others, especially playing the same games as you! I did such a costly mistake with my horse racing strategies! Somehow, I made similar mistakes with horse racing long-shot trifectas. I don't want competitors for the same prize! The prizes go down, while I am left with just cursing!

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