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The most active lottery filters appear in 50-100 lotto drawings

Apply only the most active lottery filters that appear in 50-100 lotto drawings and wheel the lotto combinations.

Posted by Klitser M on May 20, 2001.

In Reply to: Lotto strategy idea posted by BigJer on May 18, 2001.

Greetings! Quite some time ago I noticed that Lotwon lottery software (they let you try it free for two weeks) attacks the problem of generating playable lotto combinations by analyzing the last 50 to 100 draws (exact range is up to you can be much greater or lesser) for their filter-wheel-like characteristics; i.e. how many e/o, hi/lo, spread of line, sum of line, last digit, inside, outside and a whole lot of other optional criteria. Their method is to have their lottery program, Lotwon, determine which filters have been active most recently and then apply only those recently active wheeling filters for making lotto combinations for the very next draw -- unlike prefiltered lotto wheels where typically the wheel filtering is preset and unadjustable. Perhaps this might be something that would work well in concert with Ion's ultimate lotto strategy and ffg strategy?

Que pensez-vous, Ion?


: I work like to see the results of all number skips not just the skips of the numbers drawn, this information could then be used to
: decide when to play only lotto numbers drawn in the last 10 drawings . then you could look at ratio of drawn numbers
: to what the pool of lotto numbers looked like before a next lottery drawing as there are not too infreqentencies of all numbers coming from the last 10.

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Apply only the most active lottery filters that appear in 50-100 lotto drawings and wheel the lotto combinations.