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Major fixes to LOTWONH - horse racing software

By Ion Saliu, Horse Programmer At-Large

Horse racing, horseracing bet, betting, wagering software.

Posted by Ion Saliu on June 02, 2001.

The horse racing software had the same bugs as pick-3 lottery software: Min_Val1, Max_Val1, Max_Tot6, Max_Pot6, Max_Val6.

The new version has now the same look and feel as pick-3. A specific horse-racing ďtutorialĒ was added to the info pages of the new software.

The horse racing report generator can be prone to the "62 Error". Thatís because the number of horses in a race varies wildly. The error can be avoided if using two types of data files and SIM files: one group for 8 horses and under, and one data category for 9 or more horses per race.

Before installing the new horse racing software (highly recommended!), be sure to save your old data files to a temporary location.

For now, Iíll be shooting at my own targets.

Good luck in your hunting!

Ion Saliu

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Horse racing, horseracing bet, betting, wagering software.


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