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Improve software to find combination lexicographical order

By Ion Saliu, Indexer At-Large

The first software to calculate or find the lexicographic order or rank of a lotto combination.

Posted by Ion Saliu on July 10, 2001.

In Reply to: Find index of lotto combination and vice versa posted by Ion Saliu on July 07, 2001.

• New version: 1.1, July 10, 2001.

Apparently, the first version of the lexicographic algorithm caused some errors on some PCs. There was a DOS configuration conflict. Probably the new version will be error-free. It is recommended to run the program at the DOS (command) prompt, not inside Windows.

There is another change in NTHINDEX. The new default for option: “Find Combination of Index L” is ‘the half point of total combinations in the lotto set’. For example, the ‘half point’ in a lotto 49/6 game is 6991908 (13983816 / 2). The corresponding combination is: 6-7-16-28-48. Check it out, if you play a 49/6 lotto game. In a PowerBall 49/5/42 game, the ‘half point’ is 40044564; the corresponding combination is: 7-8-28-30-46;42.

One more “point”: type the index without commas or dots! You get an error if you type the index as 40,044,564 or 40.044.564.

Other changes to the program in the form of ‘customizations’ are not available at this time.

Ion Saliu

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Improve software to find combination lexicographical order.


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