Calculate the combination lexicographical, lexicographic order of lotto, lottery data files.

Lottery Software to Calculate the Combination Lexicographical Order (CSN) or Indexes of Lotto Data Files

Lexicographical, lexicographic order: lotto, lottery data files, combinations.

Written by Ion Saliu on December 2, 2002 (2 WE); revised December 14, 2002 — and later.

Calculate combination lexicographical order, index of lotto, lottery drawings (results) files.

• Here is a neat lotto program to round up the combination lexicographical order task: DrawIndex.EXE. My previous lotto software calculated the combination lexicographical order one combination at a time. The user enters the numbers in the combination one by one. The software calculates the lotto combination index, or rank, or order, or CSN (combination sequence number) instantly. The result is displayed on screen and also saved to a disk file.

Combinatorics software or combinatorial program calculate the lexicographic order, index of every draw in lottery data files.

No doubt, everybody wanted automated procedures. I heard the message. Lottery players have past drawings (results) saved in text files. They wanted lotto software to open the draws file, take each draw and calculate its combination lexicographical order and write it next to the lottery drawing, in the same line. Each lotto combination must be sorted in ascending order. You can use my free lottery program SORTING.EXE to correctly sort the lottery drawings (results) files for lotto and Powerball / Mega Millions / Euromillions games.

Here is a real-life report for the 5 from 53 AND 1 from 42 Powerball lottery game played in the United States.

                   PowerBall '5+1' Draw Lexicographical Order
                   File: C:\LOTTERY\Powerball\PAPB-53
                   Game Type: 53 / 5 / 42 
                   Total Combinations: 120,526,770

 Line      D R A W           Lexicograhical
  no.                             Order
    1:   1 20 25 40 53  19      9,510,919
    2:  15 16 19 21 49   5     96,398,951
    3:  14 21 22 29 44   3     94,633,857
    4:  32 33 35 40 51   1    119,430,949
    5:  18 23 31 38 50  20    105,671,978
   12:   4 18 20 25 42  29     37,993,019
   13:   8 11 24 31 37  41     64,347,989
   14:  23 26 46 49 52  28    113,802,640
   15:   9 10 38 42 43   5     69,709,337

The drawing #4 in the data file consists of the following regular numbers:
32 33 35 40 51
plus the power ball: 1
The lexicographical order of the combination in the 5/53 & 1/42 PowerBall game is: 119,430,949.

As expected, the lotto combination indexes or lexicographic ranks follow the normal distribution or Gauss curve. They are highly concentrated around the FFG median. I detailed the topic in a previous thread of messages:

  • FFG Median, Filtering, Probability, Jackpot.
  • Dynamic vs Static in Lotto Analysis.
  • Download Lottery Drawings, Results, Past Winning Lotto Numbers.

    Some lottery players will certainly wait for wacky situations: Lexicographical indexes at the extremes of the Gauss curve. Perhaps a situation such as the following Cash-5 combination lexicographical order report. It is a 39-5-number lotto game played in Pennsylvania lottery (superseded by a 5 from 43 lotto game):

                       Lotto-5 Draw Lexicographical Order
                       File: \Lottery\Lotto5\PA-5 
                       Game Type: 39 / 5  
                       Total Combinations: 575,757
     Line      D R A W       Lexicograhical
      no.                        Order
       49:   2 14 21 30 37     126,356
       50:  12 15 18 28 36     483,013
       51:   1  2  3  9 22         178 *
       52:   4 18 28 31 38     244,946
       53:   4 18 20 24 28     244,055

    Past draw #51: LON (combination sequence number) = 178. Perhaps a lottery strategy would have played only the lotto combinations with indexes in the range 101 to 199. Of course, you'll find the right lotto software right here: Combinations.EXE. It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive lottery software that generates lotto combinations. Among other features, the powerful program generates lotto combinations between two lexicographical ranks (or lexicographic indexes, or combination sequence numbers CSN).

    There are many more new visitors to my site compared to old timers. I am aware that some visitors have problems with basic tasks such as creating the lottery data files. Be aware that just about everything is covered here. This Web site has a huge volume of information — probably 1000 pages of a standard-size book. Take your time and read as much as you can. Use the search engine to find answers to your problems. The lottery data files are presented in detail on several Web pages at this site.

    You may not be able to use DrawIndex.EXE if your lottery draws files are not in the correct format. I recommend you use another free program I offer here: PARSEL.EXE. It can help you find and fix many errors in your lotto files.
    Your lotto-5 data file is most likely in the correct format if it looks like the middle block (DRAW) in the above real-life example:

      2 14 21 30 37   
     12 15 18 28 36     
      1  2  3  9 22      
      4 18 28 31 38    
      4 18 20 24 28   

    A numerologist with the meaningful pen name Serendipity discovered a serious bug in CoLOrder.EXE v1.0. The Powerball / Mega Millions routine was no longer correct for the new American game format 53/5/42. The same erratic results were reported by the Powerball modules of DrawIndex.EXE v1.0. I had a hard time finding the bugs. The algorithm was correct. The problem was the data type used by the 16-bit compiler.

    I reconfigured all data types to accommodate the largest possible lotto numbers. I recompiled for 32-bit Windows; that is, the underlying DOS 7 (known lately as Command Prompt). The new formatting of huge lotto / Keno numbers is now easier to read. For example: Total possible combinations for Keno 80/20 is no longer expressed in scientific notation. The huge number can be read something like “billions of billions”:

    Please update your software by visiting every so often my software download site (see the link below).

    Calculate the combination lexicographical lexicographic order of lotto, lottery combination.

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    Calculate the combination lexicographical, lexicographic order of lotto, lottery.



    Lottery software to generate, calculate combination lexicographical order (CSN), ranks in lotto results files.

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