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Check WHEEL and Lotto Wheels for Winners

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lotto Wheeling Mathematics

Check WHEEL, lotto wheels, loto wheels, lottery wheels.

Written on June 19, 2000.

• First, you must delete the header using any text editor. Delete all the text lines, from "Copyright 2000" ” to "416 Combinations" and the subsequent empty line. Make sure that the first combination in the lotto wheel: 1 10 15 22 29 48 becomes the first line in the file. The file must have 416 lines (the number of lotto combinations in the system). Save the file (perhaps under the same name).

Next, use UTIL-6, part of SuperPower lottery software (in LOTWON99 V10.99.02). Choose the option “Check for Winners” (press w).

- Output file to check: WHEEL49.36
- Real data file: (your lotto6 file with real drawings, DATA6, or the filename you use)
- Drawings to check in the output file: 416
- Real drawings to check: depending on how many your DATA6 file has (100, 200, even 300)
- Save the report to disk (for example, CHECK6.49)
- Open the report (CHECK6.49) in a text editor to view it.

I used a data file sent by a user (he signed as Guy on my message board). In 100 real lotto drawings, the 49-number lotto wheel had 4 winning lotto numbers 40 times. In one drawing it offered two combinations with 4 winning numbers. Most importantly, it offered 5 winning numbers 3 times: drawings 1, 40, and 66.
The report can be viewed at the download site (CHECK6.49).

Best of luck, guys and ladies!

Ion Saliu

••• Outdated material. For latest, read:

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    The wheels only make money for those who sell lottery software. The static lotto wheels and wheeling are the essence of all lottery software, except for LotWon. Some pushed the envelope so hard, that everything in lottery is now a...wheel! It is the only justification left for most lottery software packages. They say now full wheels. That's an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. The lotto wheels are, in fact, reduced lotto systems. Wheeling lottery numbers is a way of reducing the number of combinations to play, instead of playing all lotto numbers in a set. They can't have it both ways: full and reduced!

    Check lotto wheels, reduced systems for wins.

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