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Software to Verify Lotto Wheels for Missing Combinations; Generate Reduced Lottery Systems

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lotto Wheeling Mathematics

Check Lotto Wheels for Missing Combinations; Generate Lotto 6 Systems.

Published September 9, 2004 (4 WE).

WheelCheck5 - lottery wheeling software for 5-number lotto.
WheelCheck6 - lotto-wheel checking software for 6-number lotteries.

1. Software to Verify Lotto Wheels for Missing Combinations and Generate Lotto-6 Systems

The myths never die! The game of blackjack has the myth of card counting. The game of roulette has the myth of wheel bias. Lottery has the myth of lotto wheels. But is there anything without a myth? Isn't human history an endless mythology about queens and kings, gods and goddesses, heroes and champions? Oh, well, this post is about a more mundane business.

Even if I strongly advise against playing the lottery by using lotto wheels, I still receive messages, and requests, and suggestions to offer lotto wheeling software. Some like this message that plays with inflating the ego balloon:

Yeah, right... monopoly!

Matter of fact, I had already offered freeware for lotto wheeling. Wheel632 is, unquestionably, the best software to generate lotto wheels. The software uses real filters to generate well-balanced wheels, with superior indexing. I also offer free lotto wheeling software: FillWheel, and, especially, LottoWheeler. The programs take any theoretical wheel and fill it with the selections (picks) of the player. There are gazillions of theoretical lotto wheels (a.k.a. reduced lottery systems) in this e-world! But there is a problem. How do we know precisely if a particular lotto wheel assures the minimal guarantee it says it covers? If there are holes in the wheel, how do we know what combinations are missing? And that's where WheelCheck6 steps in with authority.

The special lottery wheeling software is designed to work with wheels for lotto-5 and lotto-6 games. Say, you have a 10-number lotto wheel with the 4 of 6 minimum guarantee, in 3 lines (combinations). Run CheckWheel6 with the 4 of 6 option. Load the 3-line wheel. Set the Four filter equal to 3. If the lotto wheel has holes, the program will generate them. If you add those combinations to the original wheel, the lotto system will be full; i.e. 100% coverage. The minimum guarantee is assured in an efficient manner.

You might also want to see ALL missing combinations, without plugging the holes. Run WheelCheck6 with the 6 of 6 option. Load the 3-line lotto wheel again. This time set all but one filter to zero (press Enter without any number). The filter specific to the guarantee (Four, in this example) is set to number of lines in the input lotto wheel (3 in this case). The program will generate all 6 of 6 combinations that are not covered.

2. Run WheelCheck6: Software to Create and Check Lotto Wheels for Coverage

Nothing could be easier to use, and more logically organized than my lottery software. The program always starts by asking for a previously generated lotto wheel or system. That's the main purpose of this program. You won't always need to verify a lotto wheel. You can also generate your own reduced systems from scratch. Simply create this very simple text file, consisting of one line of 6 numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6
That's exactly one line of 6 numbers separated by one or two blank spaces. You can use MDIEditor and Lotto WE, or any text editor, including Notepad. Save the file with a simple name, such as 6.

Lottery Utilities Software, Tools, Lotto Wheels, Systems.

Let's say you want to create an 18-number lotto wheel with the 4 of 6 minimum guarantee. Load the text file 6. Select the 4 of 6 option, and 18 as how many lotto numbers to wheel. Do not type any number for the Four filter just press Enter. Accept the default name for the output file (you can choose any name you want, though; up to 255 characters in length). At the end of the run, the program will also indicate the amount of combinations generated. This is the raw method of generating reduced lotto-6 systems. The systems are larger, but highly balanced. All the numbers are treated equally to a maximum possible. The reduced lottery systems offer also good coverage as of 3 of 3, 3 of 4, 4 of 5, 5 of 6, etc.

You can generate smaller lotto wheels by running Check Wheel 6 in multiple steps. First, you can generate a 2 of 6 lotto-6 wheel as per above. Next, load the SYS18.26 previously created wheel. Run the program for the 3 of 6 option. Set the Three filter to the number of lines in SYS18.26 (the program will tell how many lines the system file has). The result is the SYS18.36 system. Combine the two wheels: SYS18.26 and SYS18.36 in one system file. One method is to load both files in MDIEditor Lotto WE or QEdit. You can also work at the Command Prompt, using the COPY command to concatenate the two wheel files:

COPY SYS18.26+SYS18.36 SYS18

Run CheckWheel6 loading SYS18 as the startup file. Select the 4 of 6 option. Set the Four filter to the number of lines in SYS18. The result will be the file SYS18.46. Load that file in the text editor, and add to it the previous file SYS18. That is the complete 18-number, 4 of 6 lotto wheel. It is smaller than the wheel generated in the single step (just loading the file 6, and disabling all filters). Still, the smaller wheel assures 100% the minimum guarantee.

The best lotto wheeling method is running CheckWheel6 in conjunction with Wheel6 (component of Bright/Ultimate integrated software packages). Run first Wheel6 with the 3 of 6 option. Name the output file 18-36.1. When the program slows down significantly, stop it. Next, run the program for the 4 of 6 option. Name the output file 18-46.1. Run the program again for the same guarantee. Name the output file 18-46.2. Concatenate all output files in one; e.g. Name the output file 18-46. Run now CheckWheel6 for the 4 of 6 guarantee. Load the startup wheel file 18-46. Set the filter Four to total lines in the file. Add to this output file the contents of 18-46. You have an optimized 18-number wheel. It is highly balanced, as usually. But its content is superior, as the result of the inner proprietary lottery filters in Wheel6. That lotto wheel is also superior from the standpoint of the lexicographical order.

Most lotto wheels out there are absolutely lousy. Their only goal is to meet a minimal guarantee. But their lexicographic index is abominable. Their structure is also lousy, since no filtering is applied. On the other hand, the lotto wheels perform worse than other selection methods, including random play. Even the wheels generated by my software lag way behind other features of my software, especially filtering and pairing. That's because groups of lotto numbers behave differently from range of drawings to range of drawings. The lotto wheels carry a lot of static. You certainly know what to do with your time and money.

WheelCheck5 does all of the above for the lotto 5 games (5-number wheels) from 1 of 5 to 5 of 5.

Verify, check lotto wheels and generate lotto-6 systems.

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