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Solid lotto strategy: The highest lotto ball less than or equal to number 33

A winning lotto strategy based on the highest lotto number in a drawing being 33 or less.

Posted by Nik Barker on July 17, 2001.

In Reply to: 5% Frequency: The lowest lotto number in a lottery drawing is OVER 19 posted by DEZ on July 12, 2001.

In response to your plea for info from other lotteries, I have studied all the previous 580 lotto drawings from my country’s lottery – The UK National Lottery. This lottery is of the 6/49 lotto type, so I have run sets of figures for where the trigger draw has to have a value of under100 and also where the trigger draw has to have a total under 90 (as I’m not sure whether that criteria was verified for a lotto with less balls than 52)

Anyway here goes. In all 580 draws there have been 27 instances where the lotto ball total added up to less than 100. Of these, 12 had a subsequent draw (within 5 lottery drawings) where the high ball was less than or equal to 33 (44%). 10 of the 12 had at least one number from the ‘trigger’ draw.

For instances where the trigger needs to have a total less than 90 the figures are as follows:

Out of 580 UK lottery draws there have been 15 trigger draws with a total less than 90 and of these, 8 had a subsequent draw (within 5 draws) where the high lotto ball was less than or equal to 33 (53%). 6 of the 8 had at least one number from the ‘trigger draw’.

THERE IS MORE THOUGH…I looked at the three draws preceding each of the ‘hit’ draws (the ones with the hi ball less than or equal to 33). Pretty much 50% of the time NONE OF THE LOTTO BALLS FROM THE PRECEDING THREE DRAWS CAME UP IN THE ‘HIT DRAW’ (The times when there were common lottery numbers from the previous three drawings there were never more than two).


Maybe you can check whether this is true for your own lotteries and post your results here. By the way, if the 'hit draw' occurs within 3 or less draws of the trigger then you would only get rid of the other two draws' lotto numbers.

Hope this is of use to the larger picture – Good luck all!

Nik Kulai Barker

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Power lotto strategy: high lotto ball under 33.

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